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Presenting the Case for Citibins

How to convince your partner that Citibin is perfect for your home

15-second recap: Citibin trash containers are eco-friendly, deter rats, and enhance the curb appeal of your home. In this article, we’ll help you convince your spouse why you need Citibin in your life.

Life is good. Citibin makes it better.

Your life is amazing. You live in your dream home with the perfect (enough) partner. You have a cute kid or two or share a fluffy cat or dog you both adore. You agree on almost everything…except for Citibin. And while you know that Citibin trash solutions are the best possible option for your home, your husband or wife is still on the fence.

Instead of fighting about it, try creating a winning strategy. Show your significant other why Citibin trash bins, parcel bins, mailboxes or planters will improve your curb appeal (and relationship!).

We gathered some easy ways to convince your partner that investing in a Citibin solution is also a good investment in your relationship.

Oh, scrap!

If they push off discussing Citibin, know that it might come from a lack of funds or awareness of the best garbage solution. Whether it’s your partner who keeps promising to build a garbage shed (but never does), or the property manager who says there’s no budget for a garbage overhaul, some people still need convincing.

Here are some quick ways to rubbish their refusal to upgrade your trash routine and help them understand why Citibin is the best possible option for your home.

Tips to change their mind

Before you can convince your partner that Citibins will enhance multiple aspects of home ownership, try understanding why they think otherwise.

An article in Harvard Business Review called How to (Actually) Change Someone’s Mind offered effective ways for persuading someone why your opinion is the correct one. In this case, that would be your trying to convince your partner why you need Citibin.

Stay calm, Citibin on!

The article recommends staying calm when trying to win an argument. There’s also the idea of what’s described in the article as a cognitive conversation, which can open someone up to your point of view. That requires two things: Sound arguments and a good presentation.

Here’s how to achieve both.

A sound argument for Citibin

While Citibins are an incredibly sound investment for homeowners, they can come with a bit of sticker shock for someone used to shopping at a big box retailer. That’s why you’ll have to do your research and come up with a list of reasons that your home (and entire neighborhood) will benefit from your new Citibin trash solution. Actually, let’s back up for a moment. You won’t have to do any research at all, we did it for you.

  • We’re easy to work with. Unlike the Ikea media center which will take months to assemble, we do all the heavy lifting and assembly for you. We’re easy to reach and we’ll help you figure out the configuration that’s best for you. We’ll even work with you on securing permission or figuring out local zoning if that’s something you need help with too.

"Before you can convince your partner that Citibin is the best possible option for trash, try understanding why he thinks otherwise."


  • Citibin helps you comply with the new garbage setout laws. If you live in or around New York City, you’ve probably heard about the new sanitation setout laws. In a nutshell, garbage must be put out at the curb later in the day or you’ll be fined. Citibin offers a clever and attractive way to keep trash off the street (and rats out of the garbage!) until you can set out the garbage. You can read more about it here.
  • Citibin has staying power. If your significant other thinks that Citibin is a brand-new system without staying power, they’re mistaken. Citibin recently celebrated our 10th anniversary of providing better options for managing household trash.
  • Citibin iseco-friendly. We take trash very seriously. So much so that CITIBIN is made of an aluminum cabinet and cladding made of bamboo and recycled plastic. Citibin is also designed to make it easier to recycle or compost. Durable is green. Disposable is not.
  • Citibin clients love us.We know that we’re amazing, but you don’t have to take our word for it. You can share some testimonials and client raves including this fun rave from Andy Cohen.
  • Rats hate Citibin. Do you know who doesn’t love Citibin? Rats, that’s who. That’s because Citibin garbage management systems are designed to be rat and rodent proof.
  • Citibin is the go-to trash enclosure for property managers and developers. If there’s one thing that’s worse than a single house with a lot of garbage, it’s an entire apartment building with endless bags of trash. Citibin works closely with many property managers and developers to create customized trash solutions for multi-residential housing.

We could list many more reasons why Citibin is the ideal solution for your home, but instead, we’ll help you come up with a good presentation.

Present the argument for investing in Citibin for your home.

If you’re determined to convince your spouse that Citibins are the perfect solution to manage your household trash, you might want to make up a presentation. It doesn’t have to take up a ton of time or effort, and we’ll help with that as well.

  1. Use Citibin before and after images to help make your point. If your partner isn’t convinced that Citibin will enhance the look of your front yard, show them pictures that prove otherwise. We have a full gallery of some of our favorite Citibin installations. Bookmark this link or send an email to your spouse with some of your favorite images.
  2. Share our Instagram feed. We’ve already established the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words, which means our Insta feed must be priceless! If you’re trying to be more nonchalant about the hard sell, you can share our social feed with your spouse…and friends.
  3. Take a walk together. Depending on where you live, you can probably see some Citibins in their natural habitat. We recently completed a project where an entire block on 9th Street in Brooklyn all installed Citibins in front of their homes.

To sum it all up, after choosing your spouse, Citibin will be the second best decision you’ll ever make!

Ready to start shopping for a Citibin?

The Citibin team will help you figure out the solution that’s right for you. We’ll work with you to create a customized Citibin trash or mail configuration customized to your requirements.

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