CITIBIN for Single-Family Homes


A new townhouse owner needed an attractive solution for her trash and recycling, a way to protect her packages from porch pirates. CITIBIN to the rescue...


"I recently moved from an apartment into a townhouse. Living in New York City with no doorman, it becomes more complicated. You don't have somebody to take packages, and you just have to worry about a bunch of different things. In front of our house, you have a little piece of property. It had, literally, like a trashcan, just sitting there. Horrible!

Now I don't have to worry, if I'm not home, whether the mailman or UPS guy knows where to put my packages. If I have relatives visiting but I've got to be somewhere else when they arrive, I can leave an envelope in the storage bin with the key to the house, and they can unlock it with the combination. 

The units have really changed the whole front of the house. The whole thing blends nicely, and it doesn't look like garbage. I don't know why more people, particularly people who own townhouses, don't use CITIBIN. I'm extremely, extremely happy with everything from the product to the service. I've been a very satisfied customer."  

Debbie, NYC