CITIBIN Makes Recycling Easy

"We come from San Francisco. I think California is always a little bit ahead on the environmental stuff so we already had good responsible management of recyclables on the forefront of our minds. Townhouses, as lovely as they are, did not design in garbage management facilities. One of the first things that I asked when we moved here was: - OK, so where do you put out the recycling?

Everyone along this block had some quirky way of recycling, because no one wanted it sitting inside until garbage day. Take the bags and squirrel it in another building. See who was looking, and then dump and run. People don't notice how much of an eyesore it is to have plastic bins that are overflowing out front.
I got in contact with Liz when they were developing the modular CitiBin. We were fortunate enough to be involved in the product development, which was so exciting to me."