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CITIBIN ships by ground freight in the continental United States and Canada

    YMCA Chooses CITIBIN

    "This YMCA building had a big rat problem, given the lack of designated trash area. Rodents were breaking into the trash bags and scattering all the waste. To eliminate this issue, they chose CITIBIN. The rat problem is gone, and the facade look has improved greatly"


    "I work with a nonprofit that generates a lot of waste. They had outdoor plastic receptacles, aluminum cans with lids, and another receptacle for recycling. It was a lot. CITIBIN helped us redesign. They figured out how we could use a corner area with CITIBINs for all our waste, and make the most of our space. We were able to keep the trash contained and free up a big area.
    The clients find it a lot easier to deal with!"