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If you manage a building, you know that you and your tenants don't expect much from a trash enclosure: You just need it to keep trash tidy and free from rats. Believe it or not, most trash enclosure manufacturers aren't on the same page. Their inexpensive, inferior products just create more headaches and expense for you down the road. But CITIBIN trash enclosures are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations (and those of your buyers and tenants). Here's why CITIBIN is the go-to trash enclosure for property managers and developers—in their own words.

Curb Appeal

Problem: Most trash enclosures don't look much better than what they're intended to contain. You work hard to keep your property looking good—why undermine your efforts by parking a cheap plastic shed or a miniature commercial dumpster out front?

Solution: CITIBIN trash enclosures have a clean, modern design that will complement any style of home or building, seriously elevating your curb appeal. 

What they say: "We manage several condo buildings, and we've ordered CITIBIN trash bin enclosures in different sizes and different models. We liked the bins themselves and how they looked—they're sturdy, they don't look flimsy. The buildings are new and more expensive in terms of price per square foot, so we wanted to represent them well." — property manager, NYC

"When we pitch CITIBIN to one of our co-op boards or owners that we represent and they see the product themselves and test it out, they fall in love with it." — developer, NYC 

Durable and Rat-Proof

Problem: Most trash enclosures are manufactured on the cheap. Once exposed to rain, snow, and heat, inexpensive plastic and wooden enclosures warp, discolor and break, and metal bins rust and fall apart. Not only does that look terrible, it attracts rats and other animals to your trash.

Solution: Every CITIBIN trash enclosure has a foundation of powder-coated, military-grade steel that's welded shut at every point to keep rats out. Stainless-steel hardware won't rust or break. Eco-friendly bamboo composite cladding looks great and won't bend or splinter in response to the elements. 

What they say: "For our buildings, we utilized welders to create trash bins. Over time, they deteriorated—from the garbage, cleaning chemicals, and rodents—and would eventually fall apart. The bottoms would rust out, and the rats would be in there. You could spend $10,000 to $12,000 having these things built, only to have to bring in somebody to fix them again. Then we discovered CITIBIN. Their bins are rodent-proof, made of a composite material that wouldn't rust and fall apart. We've had our CITIBINs for four years now, and I haven't had any callbacks from maintenance. The product is sturdy." — property manager, NYC

Easy to Use

Problem: Property managers tell us that most metal trash bins and dumpsters have a major usability problem: Their lids are heavy and need to be propped open. Residents have trouble lifting them, and they're afraid they'll slam down quickly, catching their hands and fingers. Too often, trash is left around and on top of these receptacles, creating a mess—easy access for rats, and potential sanitation-department tickets for you. 

Solution: CITIBIN's trash enclosures have hydraulic lids that open easily, stay open, and close gradually. Because they're easy to use, CITBINs will keep trash areas tidy and rodent-free, reducing sanitation fines and exterminator expenses.

What they say: "CITIBIN has taken away the headaches of trash problems at our buildings. The lightweight hydraulic lids have made throwing away trash much easier for tenants, and much easier from our point of view. We don't have to deal with the constant calls of, 'Hey, there's garbage left on top again.'" — property manager, NYC 

High-Touch Service

The CITIBIN team is here for you at every point in your search. We answer your initial questions on live chat, provide on-site estimates, and work with you to create custom solutions that will fit your space perfectly. We ensure installation is smooth, and we guarantee you'll be completely happy with your new CITIBIN. Each of our products comes with a two-year warranty.

"I'm the manager of a complex of new townhouses. We needed a set of trash enclosures and were in crunch time—tenants were arriving in less than a month. CITIBIN came out immediately to provide estimates and a made-to-order solution. I was really impressed by CITIBIN's custom service. They did a great job." — property manager, Queens, New York

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