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    Rats in Trash? How CITIBIN Keeps Them Out

    It's not one of the most epic battles in cities across the nation. It's not property taxes, public transportation or commercial rent control. It's the battle to keep rats out of trash. And right now, it looks like rats have the upper hand. New York City's 2 million rats coped with the pandemic by migrating from restaurant districts into residential neighborhoods. In Boston, rats have started exhibiting"aggressive behavior" in their search for food. "They're not scared of anything," say residents of suburban Chicago (recently named America's rattiest city by Orkin).

    Experts say the best way to keep rats away from your home and property is to make sure your trash cans are secure—ideally, by keeping them in a trash can cabinet or enclosure. But that's not easy. The simple fact is, most trash enclosures on the market aren't built to keep rats and other animals out of trash. 

    Except for CIBITIN. Our rat-proof trash enclosures are specially designed and constructed to keep rats, raccoons, and other animals out of your trash. Here's how.

    CITIBIN trash enclosure and Mailbox

    CITIBIN trash enclosures are fully enclosed.

    Most trash enclosure aren't designed to be rat-proof—their wood or metal elements have gaps that allow rats easy entrance. (The average rat can squeeze into a hole or gap the size of a quarter, and mice can fit into spaces as small as ¼ of an inch.) 

    CITIBIN's trash enclosuresare fully enclosed cabinets constructed from sheet aluminum—every angle is welded completely closed,to keep trash in and animals out. 

    CITIBIN trash enclosure

    Sturdy, eco-friendly cladding won't warp or fall apart.

    Wooden and plastic trash enclosures are everywhere, and they don't cost much. Trouble is, they're cheap. Wood and plastic will warp, bend, and break when exposed to rain, snow and heat. That creates access points for rats and other animals to get into your trash. 

    Each CITIBIN has a sturdy steel foundation and bamboo-composite cladding that will hold up to won't  shrink or expand in response to changes in climate.

    CITIBIN trash enclosure

    Hydraulic lids are easy to use and stay shut.

    Metal trash bins and dumpsters have a usability problem. Property managers report that their lids are so heavy that residents can't lift them or are afraid they'll slam down quickly and cause injury to their hands or fingers. The result: Trash is often left around and on top of them, creating easy access for rats. 

    CITIBIN's trash enclosures have light, hydraulic lids that open easily, stay open, and close gradually. Ease of use makes CITBIN a tough mark for rats and other animals.

    CITIBIN trash enclosure with garbage cans

    Hardware won't rust or break.

    Most trash enclosures have handles, screws and hinges made with inexpensive zinc, which rusts quickly when exposed to rain and snow. 

    But each piece of hardware on a CITIBIN is made of sturdy stainless steel. Handles, hinges, arms and screws will hold up to the elements and frequent use. CITIBIN's lids and doors stay fully operational and firmly shut, keeping rats and other animals out. We guarantee it—every CITIBIN product comes with a two-year warranty.

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