We had a great experience with CitiBin! Every member of the team was responsive and professional. We were so pleased with the installation.

While we considered other products, the quality of CitiBins was a standout.

Kym W. — Property Manager

CITIBIN enclosures separate waste streams so that putrescible trash and recycling have their own bins.


Starting Fall 2024, the city of New York will require that residents use DSNY-designated OTTO wheelie bins for trash. The MEDIUM-size trash enclosure fits 45-55 gallon wheelie bins, which will be required for homes and buildings with 9 or fewer units, and is an option for buildings with 10-30 units.


CITIBIN kits are prefabricated and ready-to-assemble. We offer assembly services in NYC and sometimes travel to install. Or grab a buddy or local handyman to help you. Our assembly manual and instructional video make DIY installation easy. Sort of like IKEA, but built to last.


Whether you need 2 modules for a single family home, or 8 modules for a multi-family building, CITIBIN can be configured to your needs. There's a size module for each can size, which can be configured to fit your space.


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Product Specifications

  • Material & Hardware

    Enclosure: marine-grade bent aluminum, powder-coated in dark pewter
    Siding: recycled bamboo composite boards
    Hardware: stainless steel hinges, screws, and leveling feet
    Arms: hydraulic, slow-closing
    Leveling feet: adjustable from 0.5-3 inches


    Exterior dimensions: 28.5 inches wide, 34.5 inches deep, 47 inches high
    Exterior Depth with FRONT doors fully open: 59 inches
    Exterior Height with TOP doors fully open: 73.5 inches
    Interior dimensions: 25.5 inches wide, 30.5 inches deep, 39.5 inches high

    Recommended can size:standardized to fit one 44-55 gallon residential can

    Assembled Weight: pounds
    Number of components shipped: 

    Download Medium Specification Sheet

  • Key Benefits Of CITIBIN

    CITIBIN is a secure and attractive recycling bin enclosure that can be made to fit any space. The perfect solution for urban property managers, CITIBIN is also great for personal use in a residential setting. Here are just a few reasons you’ll love it:

    1. Curb Appeal

    Exposed trash and recycling can be an eyesore. Not anymore.

    2. Security

    Lock the bins to keep out unwanted guests.

    3. ROI

    Our enclosures are built to last, and we offer a 5-year warranty.

    4. Rodent Proof

    Keep critters out of your trash and recycling.

    5. Reduce Sanitation Violations

    Easily sort and separate trash, recycling and compost to reduce violations.

    6. HOA Approved

    Landmark Commissions and HOAs love CITIBIN. Just ask us for drawings.

  • Absolutely. Our enclosures are built to last, manufactured with high quality materials. Both the panel and the doors of the enclosure feature marine-grade aluminum with stainless steel hardware. You can avoid the warping issues that might be present with wood enclosures, and the stainless steel won’t rust. In addition, bamboo composite is used in all of the siding/panels, which is another material that can stand up to difficult weather conditions. We are so confident in CITIBIN that we offer a 5-year warranty.

    One of the many great features of CITIBIN is its modular design. You can select from a variety of sizes and configurations in order to come away with recycling bin storage that best fits your needs.

    Included in our prefab models are two basic sizes: Standard and XL. A single standard module can house a 44-gallon bin, while an XL accommodates a 65-96 gallon wheeled containers. You can choose to configure your CITIBIN with as many modules as necessary to hold all of the containers you use.

    Also, we are happy to create custom sizes to suit your specific needs. If the standard CITIBIN measurements are not quite right for your situation, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

    We have worked hard to offer our customers a high-quality product for a fair price. With that in mind, you can order a 1-module recycling bin enclosure for as little as $1,500. Unlike other solutions, this is a product that is built to last. You won’t have to order another unit a year from now, and we offer a 5-year warranty to guarantee it. If shipped within the USA, there is no charge for shipping and handling. International orders are subject to shipping charges, and orders within New York City can be delivered and installed starting at $300.

    Not at all! We designed CITIBIN as a ready-to-assemble solution. It’s easy to put together with minimal tools. You’ll simply need the instruction manual that we provide, a Phillips screwdriver, and an allen key.

    Very little is needed in terms of maintenance on your CITIBIN, which is yet another great feature. Unlike a wood recycling enclosure that may need to be cleaned regularly, weather treated and re-stained from time to time, only basic cleaning is necessary with CITIBIN. The bamboo composite siding is not going to have the same issues as a wood enclosure.

    We include two different doors with your CITIBIN to make it as functional as possible. First, the top doors open up, so you can easily toss in your recycling. Then, when it is time to take your container out of the CITIBIN, the front doors can be opened for easy access.

    We recommend sticking with the prefab options unless the sizes available will not be a good fit for your needs. The good news is that there are many module and sizing options to pick from. If you need a custom size, please feel free to contact us, but keep in mind that the lead time can be extended from 12-14 weeks for a prefab unit to 14-16 weeks for a custom unit.

    At this time, we only offer installation services if you are located in New York City. For those in NYC, we are happy to provide delivery, installation, and even haul away of an existing recycling enclosure. Thanks to this service, you can have your new CITIBIN in place and doing its job in very short order. For those outside of NYC, installation services are not available. However, thanks to the modular design and helpful instructions, you’ll find it is very easy to assemble your own outdoor recycling box storage bin.