Wouldn't it make sense for a mailbox and parcel box to be near each other?

This client insight led us to develop mailboxes that work with our PARCELBIN package delivery lockers.

USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon and other carriers can safely deliver large packages into your PARCELBIN and letters into your Mailbox.

Made of the same marine-grade aluminum as our other enclosures, the mailbox add-on module is designed with two side x side, wide lockable slots, making it ideal for multi-family dwellings. The slots are spacious enough for large envelopes, key-locked, and have water-proof labels.

SPECIFICATIONS: 27" W x 5" H x 28" D 

No More Mail Tampering

Say goodbye to mail tampering and package theft. PARCELBIN package lock box with an add-on Mailbox is a great solution to keep your mail and packages safe and keep all your mail under lock and key. Built with quality materials, our mailbox is made to stand the test of time and is designed to look great on your porch.

Mailbox with STORAGE

Mailbox is modular and can be added to your existing PARCELBIN