A Low Maintenance Solution for Property Managers


“For our buildings, we were utilizing welders to create trash bins, and the material they use was just basically steel. Over time, the steel deteriorated—from the garbage, cleaning chemicals, rodents—and would eventually fall apart. The bottoms would rust out because of rain and dirt and the weight of the cans, and all of a sudden, the rats would be in there. You could spend $10,000 to $12,000 having these things built, only to have to bring in somebody to fix them again. You always worried about tenants or children lifting up the lids to put garbage in. Many times, we'd find the garbage left on the floor on top of the units themselves.”


“Then we discovered CITIBIN. Their bins seemed to be rodent-proof; they were made of a composite material that wouldn't rust and fall apart. They were much more pleasing to the eye and easier to use, with the hydraulic lids. 

CITIBIN definitely has taken away the headaches of trash problems at our buildings. Given the light weight of the top and the hydraulic system, it's made throwing away trash much easier for tenants and much easier from our point of view: We don't have to deal with the constant calls of, "Hey, there's garbage left on top again." With CITIBIN, because of the construction of it and the ease of using it, we're not having that problem anymore. CITIBIN has kept the areas much more well organized and safer for people who don't have to worry about rodents running around inside the garbage can. 

We've had our CITIBINs for three, four years now and I haven't had any callbacks from maintenance. We haven't found that with CITIBIN. The product is sturdy.

Usually, when we pitch it to one of our co-op boards or owners that we represent and they see the product themselves and test it out, they fall in love with it.”

Ron, NYC