Beautifying Multi-Family Properties

"The property manager had just painted the exterior of this building, and wanted to beautify the trash area, so they chose CITBIN for its high quality materials and good look".
 – Home Owner, Manhattan
"The building [residents] just wanted something more aesthetically pleasing - they just had a bunch of blue and black plastic garbage bins out in front, and it was very unsightly. We wanted something that would look nice.
 – HomeownerManhattan

"Aside from the look, we also needed something that was quiet - so that when people put their garbage and recycling in there, it wouldn’t slam. The way the building is designed, quality of life would have been effected by that banging at all hours of the day. So one of the features that we sought out was the hydraulic top, so that was the factor that made the biggest difference.

– Homeowner, Brooklyn