Trash, ParcelBin, and MailBox Bundle

CITIBIN bundled configurations are a way to manage trash, organize recycling, protect Amazon deliveries, and receive mail, all in one efficient space. All together? Yes, and you can have flowers on top of the trash, too. You won’t find this anywhere.

The components work modularly together, so you can configure your CITIBIN to your specific needs. A popular configuration is a recycling/trash enclosure, package delivery locker, and a mailbox, with modern signs that designate each.

The kit includes 2 trash modules, 1 ParcelBin, 1 mailbox.

These 4 “modules” are prefabricated, ready to ship, and easy to assemble. If in the NYC area, we can assemble it for you. 

If you'd like to get a combo WITHOUT A PLANTER TOP, please click the "chat with us" button below or call us 347-549-4121

Tidy Trash, Safe Packages

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