April 21, 2023 3 min read

Earth Day 2023 is on Saturday, April 22nd, and the theme this year is “Invest in Our Planet.” At CITIBIN, our commitment to sustainability is a year-round thing. Don’t get us wrong, we love the idea of having an entire day dedicated to green initiatives and eco-friendly attitudes. We also happen to love the idea of a better way of managing trash every single day of the year even better.

Our trash enclosures go beyond looking great and cutting down on garbage funk, they also encourage recycling. That means that separate waste streams help recyclables get recycled instead of trashed.

But let’s back up for a moment to the core of what CITIBIN stands for and why it matters to both you and our planet.

CITIBIN’s Green Mission

At CITIBIN, we don’t think something as necessary as a trash enclosure should ever need to be replaced. Home design trends may come and go, but part of CITIBIN’s overall eco-friendly ethos is that our products are built to last. And because great design is as important to us as it is to you, we created a series of modern, sharp recycling signs to enhance the look of your CITIBINs.

The CITIBIN Origin Story (The Extremely Short Version)

Before creating our now iconic trash enclosures, CITIBIN founder and CEO Liz Picarazzi spent years researching the good, the bad, and the extremely smelly trash enclosures in and around her neighborhood.

As she walked around New York City, Liz took hundreds of pictures and videos of every type of trash enclosure she encountered. She was not impressed. Seeing (and smelling) hundreds of garbage cans and trash bins in varied states of decay or full dilapidation made Liz realize there had to be a better and smarter way of keeping garbage and rats off the streets. That became the basis of her belief that trash enclosures should be stylish, sustainable and built to last all at the same time. All of this influenced the way that every CITIBIN product is crafted and created.

Our origin story is the prime influence of our earth-friendly design as well. CITIBIN trash and recycling bins, parcel drops, and planters are made with aluminum and recycled bamboo, and other durable, green materials. They’re also all designed with you in mind.

CITIBIN Supports Your Greener Lifestyle

On the most basic level, we build better (and better looking) eco-friendly trash enclosures. We also build every product to enhance your life and make things easier for you. That’s why we designed our bins to have compartments making it easier to separate the trash from the compost from the recycling. CITIBIN’s modularity allows people to recycle effortlessly which also creates less contamination. We’re also pretty darn good-looking, which is why we consider CITIBINs to be long-term outdoor furniture that enhances your property.

Since sustainability is something we’re committed to, we support other earth-friendly brands whenever possible.

Sustainable Brands We Love

While CITIBIN is our favorite earth-friendly brand, we think you’ll love these cool companies as well:

  • Ecosupply is committed to communities by creating sustainable building products and educating industry professionals on how to use them.
  • HiBar makes salon-quality shampoo and conditioner bars with plastic-free packaging.
  • Loll Designs create durable all-weather furniture partially made from recycled single-use milk jugs.
  • Naot makes handcrafted shoes using sustainable methods including vegetable-tanned leather to minimize environmental impact.

Earth Day and Beyond

If you’re trying to find ways to green your own business or attitude, we fully believe that Earth Day is a great starting point. Instead of thinking of it as a random calendar day, consider this the perfect time to explore earth-friendlier ways to live your best life.

Ready to shop for your own sustainable CITIBIN solution?

Contact us at  info@citibin.com or at (347) 549-4121

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