December 14, 2021 2 min read

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As the host of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen isn't exactly known for holding back. So when he had an issue with his neighbors' trash disposal situation, he didn't bite his tongue. He took to Instagram Stories to read them to filth. "It's a junkyard!" he declared as his iPhone camera panned across the front of a classic NYC townhouse strewn with piles of trash bags and huge stacks of cardboard boxes. "It's a f***ing abomination!"

CITIBIN heard Andy's trash-shaming loud and clear. We happily offered our services to the landlord of the building in question, installing eight CITIBIN trash enclosures to keep the building's garbage and recyclables organized and out of sight. Four of the enclosures were customized with planters to increase curb appeal.

Andy was pleased, and he let the world know about how he and CITIBIN are beautifying New York City, one trash bin at a time. "Looks great!" he said. "There are bins, there are flowers! Looks amazing! 

"CITIBIN for the win!" he declared.

Watch this video about how it all happened:

CITIBIN's stylish trash enclosures are the modern alternative to plastic, iron, and wooden enclosures that degrade quickly outside—or just leaving your trash everywhere for your neighbors to see (and put on social media).

Citibin trash enclosure
  • Made of powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum
  • Clad with stylish recycled bamboo composite panels
  • Hydraulic lids are easy to open and slow-closing to prevent injuries
  • Available in two sizes: Standard (for 32-44 gallon trash and recycling cans) and XL (for 65-96 gallon cans)
  • Every trash enclosure comes with a two-year warranty

Want to know more? Learn more about CITIBIN's trash enclosures, or ask us a question!

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