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    How to Report Mail Tampering

    In an ideal world, no one would touch your mail. Even if you weren’t able to retrieve it for a couple of days, it should just be sitting in the box for you waiting to collect it. Unfortunately, this isn’t how it always works in the real world. If you use an unsecured mailbox, there is a fair chance that your mail will be tampered with at some point. In this article, we’d like to highlight the steps you can take to report mail tampering and theft as well as how you can prevent it from happening in the future.

    Preventing Mail Theft

    PARCELBIN keeps your packages secure and protected from thieves.

    While there are steps you can take if your mail has been tampered with or stolen, it’s far better to simply stay out of this situation altogether. For a full guide covering today’s most popular package theft prevention solutions, be sure to read our blog post here.

    The bottom line is that best way to prevent mail theft is to use a locking mailbox. There are models on the market today, like PARCELBIN, that are large enough to hold your packages and other mail securely. You can simply provide your delivery driver with a code to your lock and rest easy knowing your deliveries will be safe when you arrive. 

    Has your mail already been tampered with? Read on to learn what to do.

    Take Notice

    One of the tricky things about reporting mail tampering is that you might not notice anything is missing at first. Unless you fail to receive something that you were specifically expecting, it’s easy to think that nothing important has rolled in over the last few days.

    At some point, however, you will likely begin to realize that someone may be taking your mail. Often, it is missing bills that are the signal that something is wrong. If you don’t receive bills you typically get in the mail every month, be sure to take action quickly.

    Gather Information

    Before doing anything formally, it’s a good idea to write down everything relevant to the case. If you suspect that your mail is being stolen, you’ll want to present the U.S. Postal Service with as much information as possible. Think about it from the perspective of the Post Office: the more information they are provided, the more likely it will be that the problem can be solved.

    Some of the key points to write down include:

    • The items you believe are missing
    • When you expected to receive those items
    • The value of the items that have been lost
    • A description of the person or persons you think may be responsible (if you happened to see anyone tampering with your mail)

    Contact the Postal Service

    Once you are ready to officially file a report, you will need to contact the U.S. Postal Service. The two main options here are filing a report online or doing so over the phone. Note that an online complaint is only an option if you are missing an item that had a tracking number. Otherwise, you will need to make a phone call.

    With the report filed, you can sit back and allow the Postal Service to do their work. You may receive a follow-up call to clarify some of your statements, request more information, etc. The more you can work together with the representative from the Postal Service, the better the chances that this matter can be solved.

    Contact the Police

    In addition to filing a report with the Postal Service, you may also consider filing a police report. Mail theft, after all, is a crime—and a rather serious one at that. While it may be difficult for the police to make progress on the case if you don’t have much for them to go on, it’s still smart to file a report and turn over whatever info you have. Of course, if you have a description of a suspect or believe you may know who is responsible, give the police that info and let them take over from there.

    Consider PARCELBIN


    Don’t want to deal with mail tampering and package theft issues? It’s best to make sure everything is under lock and key. The PARCELBIN package lock box is a great solution to keep your mail and packages safe. Built with quality materials, PARCELIN is made to stand the test of time and is designed to look great on your porch. It’s the market’s leading secure package delivery solution.


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