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How one Brooklyn block transformed their trash together 

15-second recap: CITIBIN Sales & Client Manager Alejandro Bautista explains how one block chose CITIBIN (and got a huge discount!). After facing encroaching rats and trash from concert-goers, seven brownstone owners on 9th Street in Brooklyn joined together for a CITIBIN solution. 

An oasis in the city...except for the rodents and random trash 

If you’re not familiar with 9th Street, it’s a gorgeous area directly near Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Homeowners are proud not only of their individual properties, but they also love living on a beautiful block and being part of a vibrant community. One thing really bothered them though. 

Having a brownstone near Prospect Park, is great for the view, the events, and the miles of walking and running paths. But there were times the rats who roam the park ventured out of the park when hungry. That meant that these homeowners in one of the most beautiful parts of Brooklyn would sometimes see creepy critters noshing on the contents of their trash bags.

There was one other thing as well. 

Prospect Park hosts an array of outdoor concerts and activities during the summer months. For homeowners living directly on the path to leave the venue, that means random trash tossed haphazardly in or near their garbage cans. 

Between the rodents and the random trash piling up, 9th Street residents knew that something had to change.

One block, 7 homes 

Alejandro said that the entire 9th Street project began with one person. “Everything started with one client (we’ll call him Joe) who contacted me first. He lives on 9th Street and after seeing neighbors get CITIBIN over the years, he wanted his own. He said it’s time.” In this case, we’re really big fans of FOMO since it inspired a group of homeowners to make their entire block look better.

Joe asked Alejandro to look at his space and take measurements. That also included seeing how many bins would be needed. And then FOMO worked its magic and others on the block joined in the CITIBIN block party.

If you love your house and your neighborhood (and your neighbors!), you might want to consider a block buy of CITIBINs. Each homeowner chooses their own configuration, and then pays for their own CITIBINs. Every homeowner then receives a steep discount (as high as 20%) for buying as a group. 

Alejandro broke down the 9th Street project:

  • The first client (Joe) loved CITIBIN trash storage and wanted a 3-4 module standard unit. 
  • Joe had already been in the process of discussing CITIBINs with neighbors. 
  • All the neighbors agreed that the rodent problems were bad and they needed a solution.
  • Alejandro created a share-able email about CITIBIN to the Google group for their block.  
  • They were price conscious and excited to know that because of the volume of sales, they could receive a 20% discount instead of the typical 5-10 percent. 
  • Alejandro conducted estimate visits on 9th Street to measure the properties. Most on the same day.
  • 8 families bought together and received the maximum 20% discount. 
  • Most homeowners on 9th Street chose charcoal or coffee, which match the brownstone aesthetic.

Tips to help you to convince your neighbors or life partner that CITIBIN is the best choice for your home

As to why eight homeowners all chose CITIBINs, Alejandro said “They knew about the product. They’ve seen it in the neighborhood for many years. They’ve been to the website. They already had it in mind and they knew about the quality of the product.” The bonus was a deep discount because so many homeowners ordered at the same time. 

If you’re thinking of buying in with your neighbors, you’re in for a treat in the form of a group discount. 

Alejandro said there are benefits to ordering in a group. “The more units you order, the better the discount we can offer.” So let your neighbors know about the promotion so they can take advantage of a discounted price. And of course all homes on the block with CITIBINs will look a lot better than the ones without! 

Give your block a CITIBIN makeover

If you and your neighbors love the idea of making the entire block look better, you’re in luck. CITIBINs come in different colors and configurations(planteranybody?) So even if you buy your bins together, you can choose the look you love. 

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