October 18, 2021 3 min read

CITIBIN Parcelbin secure package mailbox stops porch pirates

If it's happened once, it's happened too many times: You've come home to find that package delivery you've been waiting for soaked by rain, buried in snow or—even worse—gone. You're had it with porch pirates and soggy packages, and you're looking for a package delivery box that will keep your deliveries safe from thieves and secure against the elements. We created CITIBIN's Parcelbin and ParcelDrop with those two objectives in mind. When it comes to modern mailboxes, you have plenty of options to choose from. But we designed Parcelbin and ParcelDrop to be better than our competitors in 6 key ways. Here's how.

1. CITIBIN package mailboxes are strong.

The competition: Cheap wooden, plastic and metal package delivery boxes aren't built to last. They can degrade when exposed to rain, snow and wind.

CITIBIN: The foundation of every CITIBIN package mailbox is a power-coated, marine-grade aluminum shell that stands tough against porch pirates and rough weather. CITIBIN package mailboxes are fitted with stainless steel hardware that won't rust. They're cladded with stylish recycled bamboo, which is sturdier than other types of wood: It doesn't shrink, swell or warp in response to changes in temperature or moisture.

CITIBIN ParcelDrop and Parcelbin secure package delivery boxes

2. CITIBIN package mailboxes are secure.

The competition: Wooden and plastic boxes are still prone to porch piracy. (Some plastic boxes are so light, a committed porch pirate can just tote the whole thing away.) And electronic options don't shield your packages from rain and snow. 

CITIBIN: Constructed from marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware, both Parcelbin and ParcelDrop keep your packages out of sight, deterring thieves and protecting your deliveries from the elements. 

3. CITIBIN package mailboxes are easy to access.

The competition: Many package lock boxes give you one option for access, a padlock. But what if you're already carrying around too many combos and want something more convenient?

CITIBIN: Parcelbin and ParcelDrop come standard with a padlock-ready handle, and you can upgrade to a digital combination lock by KitLock. Just give your access code to your local package and mail carriers, and you're all set. (ParcelDrop, our drop mailbox, couldn't be easier for your delivery agent—they just open the door and place the package inside. A drop mechanism keeps the parcel secure until you're ready to retrieve it.) 

CITIBIN Parcelbin ParcelDrop large package mailbox

4. CITIBIN package mailboxes are spacious.

The competition: Many parcel lockers on the market are limited in size—no good if you regularly get larger deliveries. Who wants to come home to see a note from your local carrier that your package is being held at their location?

CITIBIN: Parcelbin and ParcelDrop are compact, yet significantly larger than most parcel lock boxes and drop mailboxes on the market. They'll hold anything from household supplies to electronics, securely and worry-free. 

5. CITIBIN package mailboxes are beautiful.

The competition: Most package lockers look … like lockers. 

CITIBIN: You've heard of curb appeal? Welcome to porch appeal. CITIBIN's package lock boxes have a sleek yet luxe design that will complement any style of home.Parcelbin and ParcelDrop look like stylish pieces of premium outdoor furniture, not industrial containers.

CITIBIN Parcelbin with mailbox package delivery box

6. CITIBIN package mailboxes are eco-friendly.

The competition: Cheap plastic, wooden or metal boxes aren't manufactured with sustainable materials. What's more, they have to be replaced every few years, and they turn into waste that pollutes our land and water. 

CITIBIN: Our package lockers feature bamboo-recycled plastic composite boards, and their durable aluminum shells are designed, constructed, and reinforced for long-term use. Online shopping and home package delivery aren't going anywhere. Why not invest in a package mailbox that will last for good?

Wondering which option is best for you? Check out this video on the different features of Parcelbin and ParcelDrop:


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