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How to Provide UPS Delivery Instructions

Tips and tricks from CITIBIN CEO and Founder Liz Picarazzi to make sure you never miss a UPS delivery again 

To confidently shop online, you need to know your packages are going to be waiting for you when you arrive home. Porch piracy is areal problem, but there are steps you can take to keep your deliveries safe and help you avoid becoming a victim. One thing you can do to keep thieves at bay is to provide detailed delivery instructions for the UPS driver who will be dropping off your parcel. Whether you want the driver to place the package in adelivery lockbox such as CITIBIN’s PARCELBIN, or you simply want your Amazon deliveries placed behind a bush, there are ways to provide that info quickly and easily.

Here's how to provide UPS delivery instructions.

Getting Started

If you want to leave delivery instructions for your UPS driver, the first step is to sign up forUPS My Choice. Having an account will let you manage a variety of things, including leaving delivery instructions. It’s free to sign up for My Choice, although there may be a fee associated with some of the services (such as making changes to your delivery).

If you regularly receive UPS deliveries, it’s worth your time to sign up for an account so you have access to these various services when needed. Because the last thing you want to google before the holidays is:Someone stole my Amazon package.

Adding Pertinent Information

Once you have an account through UPS My Choice, you’ll be able to add instructions for the driver when you have a package on the way. You can simply access your account, view the relevant delivery, and add any notes for the driver. Once you know how to navigate the website, it’s a relatively quick process to get anything done. 

Most of your requests will probably include directions for the driver to leave the package in a specific location. For instance, if your front porch is visible from the street, you might ask for the package to be left around the back, or by a side door. Having a package left out of plain sight from the street will help reduce the chances of theft. Read our blog post for morepackage theft prevention tips.

If you’re concerned about package theft, you might want to make your property less attractive to porch pirates. Now would be a great time to consider a CITIBINPARCELBIN for all your UPS, USPS, FedEx and DSL deliveries. 

Providing Access

ParcelBin package and delivery locker

To take your security to another level, you might decide toadd a lock box to your property where all your deliveries can be dropped off and stored more safely. This can be a great step to protect your packages and offer you peace of mind. You’ll just have to provide access to delivery drivers so they can easily access the box.

For another layer of protection against package thieves, add a combination lock, and be sure to provide the driver with the combination instructions through the UPS My Choice platform. The driver should be able to consult your instructions, open the lock, place the package inside the box, and close the lock to secure the delivery. You’ll never have to race home to bring your packages indoors if you know they’re already in a secure space. 

The One Thing You Must Do

There’s one important step we can’t stress enough: don’t forget to add detailed instructions! If you don’t provide the driver with the combination to your lock, there will be no way for the package to be placed inside. While it might seem awkward the first few times, if you get into the habit of adding this note to your scheduled deliveries you’ll be able to take full advantage of the lock box you added to your property.

Information is Power

In addition to allowing you to provide instructions for UPS deliveries, the UPS My Choice program will give you useful information about your deliveries. You can download the app or set up email reminders so you’ll know when your packages are shipped, when they’ll be delivered, or even when packages are delhttps://citibin.com/products/standard-enclosure?variant=31520494485547ayed. You’ll also be able to request specific delivery locations and provide other notes or vacation holds (though be aware there are sometimes extra charges for redelivery). 

There are a lot of things to like about shopping online, but the threat of having your packages stolen off your porch or property is not one of them. With some proactive steps on your part, thieves will no longer help themselves to your packages.

PARCELBIN by CITIBIN Keeps Deliveries Safe

The good news is that when it comes to preventing package theft, you can take matters into your own hands. In addition to providing instructions to your delivery driver, consider adding a package lock box to your property, like the PARCELBIN. For frequent online shoppers, having a sturdy and attractive locking box on the front porch is a great way to receive deliveries safely. 

CITIBIN for Businesses

While CITIBINs are a great solution for private homes andmultiple-unit dwellings, they’re also a fantastic option for businesses and restaurants. 

The CITIBIN solution

Whether you’re trying to fight off porch pirates, or simply want a better-looking trash container system, we’d love to work with you! CITIBIN customized trash management solutions mean that you can keep packages safe while keeping your property looking great.

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