December 01, 2018 4 min read

Package theft is just plain annoying. After waiting a few days for a package to arrive, you return home from work only to find that someone has taken it right off your front porch. You feel violated, frustrated, and probably a bit angry. As this has become a common problem, it’s no surprise that so many people are looking for reliable package theft prevention solutions. In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the most common options, highlighting the pros and cons of each.

A Number Of Alternatives

The standard package delivery process these days is for the delivery person to simply leave the item on your porch before driving on to the next house. This is problematic for a number of reasons, frankly making it far too easy for thieves to snatch packages with little consequences.

There has to be a better way. A number of solutions are available to help prevent package theft. Here are some of the most popular options today:

Wait For Delivery

One obvious way to stop package thieves in their tracks is to wait in your home for a delivery to arrive. If you can bring the package inside just moments after it is delivered—or even take it directly from the delivery person—you won’t have to worry about theft.

  • Pro: Nearly foolproof. You should be able to completely avoid package theft.
  • Pro: You will have peace of mind knowing that your items aren’t going to be stolen.
  • Con: Wasting your time! You may not be able to sit home waiting for packages. Even if you do have the time, that probably isn’t how you want to spend your day.
  • Con: You may schedule time to be home for a delivery, only to have the delivery arrive at a later time or rescheduled for another day at the last moment.

Use A Locking Container

By providing the delivery person with somewhere secure to place the package, criminals won’t be able to access the boxes that are left on your porch—even if they know they’re there. This is an option that offers protection on a level similar to what you get by staying at home and waiting for delivery. Only this way, you don’t have to stay home all day waiting for the truck to arrive.

  • Pro: Offers a secure place for packages to sit safely during the day, even if they are delivered in the morning hours—protecting them from thieves and weather alike.
  • Pro: A quality package drop box will allow you to enjoy years of reliable service for a modest investment.
  • Pro: You can pick your container specifically to match the exterior décor and landscaping of your property.
  • Pro: Order with confidence, knowing that your packages will always be waiting for you at the end of the day.

Have Items Delivered To The Office

If you work in an office all day Monday through Friday, you may be able to simply have your items delivered there, rather than your home.

  • Pro: You are already going to be at the office, making this rather convenient.
  • Pro: Packages usually aren’t left on the doorstep at businesses, meaning someone will receive the delivery and account for it.
  • Con: Your boss might not like having your personal deliveries arrive at the business, especially if you order online frequently.
  • Con: Large deliveries may not fit easily in your vehicle or on public transportation for the trip back home.

Install Visual Cover For Your Porch

By using something like a tall bush, hedge, or tree, you may be able to obscure the view of your porch from the street. That way, criminals may not be able to see onto the porch to determine if there is a package waiting to be taken. 

  • Pro. Criminals are driving around the neighborhood trying to spot packages may drive right by your property, even if there is something there.
  • Pro. You might also appreciate the added privacy that this method provides, aside from package theft benefits.
  • This can be a costly option, depending on the work that needs to be done and the design of your porch
  • Con. If a criminal is tracking a delivery truck to see where items are being left, the visual cover might not do any good.

Use A Security Camera

You may choose to install a security camera for package theft prevention. The idea is that that you will be able to spot important details if a crime occurs or that the camera alone will be enough of a deterrent to keep thieves away.

  • Pro. Potentially spot details like a face or drivers license that can be shared with law enforcement.
  • Pro. Thieves who see a camera may think twice about approaching your porch.
  • Con. The camera does not stop package theft from occurring. It may deter some thieves, but others may simply approach with a mask.
  • Con. The reality is that often times cameras do not catch a criminal’s face or license plate. Even if they do, there is little law enforcement can do to return your stolen items.

Try The PARCELBIN Lock Box

With the help of the PARCELBIN package delivery lock box, you can put your package theft worries to rest. This package enclosure gives your items a safe place to rest while you are out at work, running errands, or anywhere else you need to be. There is no rush to get back home for the delivery, as you know it will be secure and waiting to be retrieved. To bring peace of mind to your online purchases, order PARCELBIN today!

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