September 09, 2019 3 min read

Every online shopper knows the anxiety that comes with having a package dropped off when no one is home. So, how can you protect your packages from porch pirates? Keeping your packages out of sight can help. After all, if a would-be criminal can’t see anything sitting on the porch, there will be little reason to come up and inspect further. Here’s how to hide packages on your front porch to help prevent package theft.

Creative Landscaping

Perhaps the most popular way to hide packages on a porch is to strategically place a few plants between the porch and the street. With a bush or shrub obscuring the view of the porch, it will be difficult for thieves to see if any packages are waiting to be stolen.

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to this strategy. For one, depending on the layout of your porch and the rest of your property, planting shrubs in front of the porch might not be possible. And, even if it is, these are living plants that will need maintenance (watering, pruning, etc.) on a regular basis. Unless you are planning to add some bushes anyway, doing so just to block the view of your porch is probably more trouble than it’s worth.

Outdoor Furniture

An outdoor furniture set can serve a similar purpose to block the view of packages from the street. For example, you can provide instructions for the delivery person to place the package out of view in a chair or under a table.

But again, there are problems with this plan:

  • Significant cost. Quality outdoor furniture can be expensive, and you might not want to spend so much on a set of tables and chairs that may not be used often.
  • Takes up space. Depending on the size of your porch, you might not have much room to place any outdoor furniture.
  • Could be stolen. You may choose to use the furniture to help hide packages from thieves, but the furniture itself may actually attract thieves! If you opt for an expensive furniture set, consider attaching the pieces to the porch with a chain.

Bright Lights

Okay—so this is the opposite of hiding packages on your porch, but it is an option to consider. Instead of trying to hide packages behind something, think about installing bright LED bulbs to shine plenty of light on your porch and walkway. Criminals tend to prefer acting where they can’t be seen, so a brightly-lit porch may be an effective deterrent.

This is an especially useful tactic if you know some of your neighbors. The light may allow your neighbors to see if someone strange is lurking around on your porch, and they will hopefully say something or call the police. Similarly, a smart doorbell camera may be an effective deterrent, but it can do little to actually prevent the theft itself.

A Better Solution

So far, we’ve covered some options that may improve your odds of preventing porch piracy, but they certainly aren’t foolproof. If you’re looking for a better way, consider purchasing a quality package lock box, like PARCELBIN. With a lock box, it won’t matter if a criminal sees a package being dropped off on your porch, because they won’t be able to access the package at all.

The key to this strategy is buying a durable, secure lock box from a reputable company. That’s why PARCELBIN from CITIBIN is a great choice. Featuring a durable aluminum shell and recycled bamboo cladding, PARCELBIN is designed to be one of the sturdiest and most secure package lock boxes on the market today. Place it on your porch, at the foot of your driveway, or anywhere on your property to hide your packages andprevent theft.



With a PARCELBIN on or near your front porch, you will no longer need to worry about hiding packages discreetly out of sight. Instead, you’ll just provide your delivery driver with instructions to access the lock box, and the packages will be secured until you return home. Plus, we now offer PARCELBIN with smart lock capability to make securing your packages easier than ever before. Order your PARCELBIN today, and leave your delivery worries behind!


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