May 10, 2022 3 min read

When it comes to shopping for trash can enclosures, you have no shortage of choices. But when you're making any decision, some sociologists suggest that having too many options can be as troublesome as not having enough. And when you look at some of the trash can cabinets and sheds that are on the market and on the street, it's hard not to disagree. For years, CITIBIN founder Liz Picarazzi has maintained a Pinterest board called "What Can Go Wrong With a Trash Enclosure" as inspiration for our product. Here are some of the choices youcouldmake when buying a trash enclosure — and why CITIBIN is a better option.

Problem: Most trash enclosures are ugly.

Far too often, trash enclosures look like what they contain. Careless design, cheap materials, and poor construction (which often lead to improvised repairs) can seriously reduce the curb appeal of your property.

Solution: CITIBINs were thoughtfully designed tolook like premium architectural elements that will enhance your property.Our trash enclosureshave a sleek, modern style that will complement any aesthetic, from landmarked buildings to new construction.

Problem: Plastic trash enclosures fall apart.

The most popular trash enclosures are made of plastic. You can pick them up at major retailers like Home Depot or online for cheap. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. The lids, doors and sides of plastic enclosures bend, warp and break when exposed to basic weather conditions and everyday wear-and-tear.

Solution: We designed CITIBIN to be a one-and-done purchase that will last you for years. Each CITIBIN has a foundation of powder-coated, military-grade steel that's meant to take a beating from the elements and anything else that comes along. And every CITIBIN comes with a two-year warranty.

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Problem: Wood warps, weathers and discolors.

Wooden trash enclosures might look good at first. But once exposed to rain, snow and heat, wood will discolor and degrade. That isn't just an aesthetic issue: As wood warps and sags, it creates access points for rats and other animals trying to get into your trash.

Solution: CITIBIN combines the warm versatility of wood with sturdy steel construction. Each CITIBIN is cladded with bamboo-composite panels that are both eco-friendly and strong:Unlike plywood, bamboo doesn't shrink or expand in response to temperature or moisture.

Problem: Shoddy construction won't keep rats and animals out of your trash.

A picket fence won't keep rats out of your yard, and a trash enclosure with gaps won't keep them out of your trash. 

Solution: CITIBIN's trash enclosures aren't just designed to look great. We engineered them to be completely enclosed at every point: Every corner and fold is completely welded shut, to keep trash in and animals out.

Problem: Cheap hardware—handles, hinges and screws—can rust.

Most trash enclosures have handles, screws and hinges made with inexpensive zinc, which rusts quickly when exposed to rain and snow. That makes your investment more likely to fall apart.

Solution: Each piece of hardware on a CITIBIN is made of sturdy stainless steel. Handles, hinges, arms and screws will hold up to the elements and frequent use, keeping your CITIBIN a beautiful, functional part of your property for years to come.

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