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NYC property managers spend a lot of time dealing with trash and rats

10-second recap: There are many stressful jobs in the world.CITIBIN founder and CEO Liz Picarazzi thinks she knows one of them. Spoiler alert: After 10 years in the trash business, Picarazzi thinks building managers have a lot to deal with on a daily basis!

There’s a reason they call it work

If work was easy, they’d call it fun. And while some careers are a lot of fun (LEGO designer! Brewmaster!), some jobs definitely can feel more stressful than others. Proving that point, earlier this year U.S. News and World Report shared a list of the 20 most stressful jobs. There were some doozies on the list.

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The toughest jobs in America 

Along with the expected stressful careers like doctors or lawyers, some of the most stressful jobs in America include construction workers and office compliance officers. And while we agree that every career path brings with it some stress, CITIBIN founder and CEO Liz Picarazzi is extremely empathetic to property managers and building managers in New York. “After ten years of working in the trash industry I can tell you that without a doubt, property managers can face a lot of stress on a daily basis,” Picarazzi said. Here’s why.

The challenges of being a property manager

Along with overseeing and managing daily operations on one or more properties, a property manager has to deal with tenants, residents, and owners when something goes wrong. In New York City, that can mean anything from burned-out lightbulbs to noisy neighbors. And rats. Lots and lots of rats. And smelly garbage which leads to rats. Lots and lots of smelly garbage. 

Now imagine that every single time there’s a rat sighting in a multi-unit dwelling in NYC, the property manager hears a complaint about it. It’s inevitable, but it sure isn’t pleasant.

“I’ve been working very closely with property managers for over a decade to help them figure out attractive and rat-proof solutions for their trash problems,” Picarazzi said. “I can’t begin to tell you just how many times I’ve seen them answer the phone for a trash complaint. Or a rat complaint. Or a rat in the trash complaint.” Picarazzi expressed sympathy for property managers who constantly receive complaints and requests from residents – especially when it comes to keeping their buildings smell-free and rat-proof. 

Property managers don’t have it easy. At CITIBIN we try to take away their pain by creating rat-proof trash bins that keep rats out of your garbage and away from your property. We can make you the hero. 

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CITIBIN creates solutions for property managers

“As a property manager, you field a huge array of requests,” Picarazzi said. And since actioning all the issues has to be stressful, we try to make things easier for building managers. 

    1. We know trash and we hate rats: CITIBIN already knows property managers' main issues and concerns. Picarazzi has a list of property managers’ pain points memorized. She knows what they worry about and why. She also knows that modular CITIBIN solutions improve curb appeal and the quality of life of building residents. Rats? Not so much.
    2. More time for other things: Property managers will have less time sucked up by trash and rats. Installing a CITIBIN modular system means that property managers won’t have to spend as much time monitoring the critter situation in the buildings they manage. 
    3. Less time listening to complaints: We don’t claim to be anyone’s fairy godmother, but we do have some impressive powers. We also know that by providing a better option for trash, building managers won’t have to listen to as many complaints. 
    4. We understand the new setout laws and the new secure trash bin requirements for restaurants: If you’ve been following the updated garbage setout laws in New York, you probably already know about the new trash bin requirements for restaurants as well. Since many multi-dwelling properties in New York City rent out space to restaurants, it’s an issue that will soon affect property managers. Fortunately for building managers throughout NYC, CITIBIN has extensive experience setting up functional and beautiful trash enclosures. You can currently spot CITIBINs throughout the city including over 1300 residential installations, 60 public locations around New York City, and 20 Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), across all 5 Boros. Did we mention Times Square?  
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Trying to convince your building manager to install a CITIBIN solution for your multi-resident building or restaurant? We createda guide to help you convince almost anyone CITIBIN is the perfect solution for your home or building.

The CITIBIN solution

CITIBIN wants to help building managers rat-proof their properties. We also have two great options for packages and decorative planters you can add to your customized modular CITIBIN setup. We’d love to work with you to create a customized Citibin trash or mail configuration customized to your requirements.

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