October 25, 2021 3 min read

CITIBIN trash enclosures

If you're in the market for an outdoor trash shed or enclosure for trash cans, you've probably seen there are plenty of products on the market. Hardware and big-box stores have a number of very low-cost plastic options, and there are variety of other wooden and metal garbage bins out there. But CITIBIN was designed to be better than all those other brands in 7 key ways. Here's why CITIBIN trash enclosures stand out from the competition.

CITIBIN trash enclosures

1. CITIBIN trash enclosures are strong.

The competition: The cheap trash cans, sheds and enclosures made by brands like Rubbermaid are made of flimsy plastic and aren't built to last. 

CITIBIN:All CITIBIN trash enclosures are made from powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum that will stand the test of time, from the most frequent use to the most challenging weather conditions.

2. CITIBIN trash enclosures are secure.

The competition: Inexpensive plastic enclosures have lids and doors that often won't stay shut—they can warp in the heat and blow open or tip over during storms.

CITIBIN: The latches on our trash enclosures are made from strong stainless steel and snap closed. Once they're shut, they stay that way, keeping your trash and recyclables neat and secure.

CITIBIN trash enclosures

3. CITIBIN trash enclosures are flexible.

The competition:With many trash enclosure brands, the size and build you see are the size and build you get.

CITIBIN: Our trash enclosures are modular and can be easily configured to your space, whether you have one can or twenty. And we can customize CITIBINs with built-in planters that can beautify your porch or yard.

4. CITIBIN trash enclosures stand up to weather.

The competition: 100% wooden trash enclosures—like those by Bearicuda—take a beating from the elements and can warp, sag and degrade over time. Sun, rain and heat give them a weathered appearance after a season or two. In fact, our installers regularly dispose of Bearicuda bins that our clients are replacing with CITIBIN.

CITIBIN: Our products feature a powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum shell cladded with recycled bamboo composite panels. Unlike plywood, bamboo doesn't shrink or expand with changes in climate. CITIBIN's trash enclosures stand up to tough weather and high-traffic surroundings. And they stay looking great.

CITIBIN trash enclosures

5. Did we mention that CITIBIN trash enclosures look great?

The competition: Most trash enclosures don't look much better than, well, the stuff they contain. Some just look like smaller commercial dumpsters. 

CITIBIN: We created CITIBINs to be premium in both form and function. Our trash enclosures have a clean, sleek design that will complement any style of home or building and seriously elevate your curb appeal. 

6. CITIBIN trash enclosures are animal-proof.

The competition: Humans' trash is treasure to rats and raccoons, who are drawn to outdoor garbage cans and trash bins like a magnet—especially to trash enclosures that have gaps, easily lifted lids or flimsy construction that will allow them access to what they crave.

CITIBIN: The aluminum body, lids and doors of our trash enclosures are bent and welded to eliminate gaps. They'll keep out even the most persistent paws of raccoons, bears and rats that love to make a mess of your trash and recycling.

CITIBIN outdoor trash bins

7. CITIBIN trash enclosures are eco-friendly.

The competition: Recycling is here to stay. But low-quality trash and recycling enclosures aren't. Cheap plastic bins and sheds aren't manufactured with sustainable materials. What's more, they have to be replaced every few years, and they turn into waste that pollutes our land and water. 

CITIBIN: Our trash enclosures feature recycled bamboo panels, and their durable aluminum shells are designed, constructed and reinforced for long-term use. Why not invest in an enclosure for your trash and recycling that will last for good?


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