December 15, 2021 2 min read

If you're thinking more about trash out of concern for the environment, you're not alone. Many of us are trying to reduce our production of garbage, whether it's recycling, reusing, buying more sustainable products, or composting. Here's some great news: CITIBIN is an environmentally responsible purchase you can feel great about. Here's why.   

Durable, Sustainable Construction

CITIBIN's outdoor trash storage products are made with marine-grade, power-coated aluminum and fitted with sturdy aluminum hinges that won't rust. They're built to last—unlike cheap plastic, wooden and thin metal trash sheds that are easily damaged by the elements, look shabby or fall apart after a few seasons, and have to be replaced every couple of years. When shopping sustainably, why not buy trash storage that will hold up to sustained use, year after year?

CITIBIN Is Made With Recycled Materials

CITIBIN's trash enclosures and package lockers are cladded with stylish, functional recycled bamboo composite panels. Bamboo stands tough against the elements—that's why it's a plant native to subtropical climates. Unlike plywood or wooden fencing materials that comprise other trash sheds, CITIBIN's panels won't shrink or warp when exposed to rain, sun or snow. Harder than wood, they're also resistant to scratches, knocks, dings and dents, so they'll hold up—and look beautiful—even in the most high-traffic urban environments.

CITIBIN Makes Recycling Easy

CITIBIN's trash enclosures are modular, and multiple units can be configured to fit whatever space you have available. Whether you need to separate paper products from glass and aluminum, or your community has adopted single-stream recycling, CITIBIN makes it easy to sort recycling into its own container (or containers) apart from trash. With CITIBIN, you can free up valuable indoor space by keeping your recyclables outside until trash-pickup day. 

If you're a property manager or small-business owner, installing CITIBIN outside your building or business will encourage residents and passers-by to keep recycling sorted, leading to less work (and fewer sanitation-department fines) for you.

Great For Composting, Too

Recycling food scraps and yard waste—composting—is becoming increasingly popular, and if you're ready to join the movement, CITIBIN's trash enclosures are an excellent option for your compost bin. The sturdy steel frame—welded so there are no gaps—will keep composting odor in and rain, snow and animals out. CITBIN is a more secure and long-lasting choice than a wooden or plastic compost bin. 

How to Order CITIBIN

Eco-friendly, beautiful, customizable, durable. CITIBIN trash enclosures can help you easily organize and store your recycling, garbage and composting, while adding a ton of curb appeal to your property. Browse the options on our site and place your order today. Made with sustainable materials, our recycling and trash enclosures are a sound investment in your home, and in our planet.

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