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    It's Official. CITIBIN Makes Planters!

    CITIBIN has been making planters for years as a fun add-on to our modern enclosure systems. We've always loved making planters when clients requested them, but haven't actively promoted them.

    With the renewed focus on outdoor living during the pandemic, planters are in high demand. So today we are delighted to announce that CITIBIN is officially adding planters to our product portfolio. 

    Outdoor Box Planters

    We offer both pre-fabricated and custom planters, using the same recycled bamboo composite and aluminum that we are known for. Like our enclosures, CITIBIN planters are for people seeking a premium alternative to mass produced vessels that fall apart after a few seasons.

    New Needs, New Planters

    Terrace Outdoor Planters

    If any of these scenarios sound familiar, CITIBIN planters might be for you:

    • You are a restaurant setting up outdoor dining space 
    • You are spending more time outside and want more greenery
    • You are a developer or real estate agent and want to enhance curb appeal
    • You suddenly have time for gardening, and growing mint for mojitos sounds like a good idea 
    • You want to brighten up your trash area
    • Your packages are being stolen and you'd prefer a package delivery locker with flair rather than a weird looking one from an online or Big Box retailer
    • You don't want to go to Home Depot
    Outdoor trash enclosureCombine a custom planter with trash enclosure to beautify the area.
    Parcelbin with planterOur Parcelbin with built-in planter not only keeps porch pirates at bay, but grows your favorite herbs.


    Custom planters seamlessly blend into our collection of enclosures. How would you modify your outdoor living space? 


    Please contact us to discuss your needs and get a quote. 








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