November 03, 2021 2 min read

porch pirate

They dash dreams, spoil birthdays, and cause untold headaches for millions of hard-working people. Why, they'd literally take candy from a baby. Who are these modern Batman villains? Porch pirates—thieves who make off with packages delivered while their intended recipients aren't home to receive them. 

Nearly two million packages are stolen by porch pirates every day. Chances are, you've been burned at least once or twice. Porch piracy is so common that dozens of people have taken to YouTube—if not to stop porch pirates, to express their frustration in creative ways.

In the blockbuster smash of porch pirate retribution, a former NASA engineer rigged up a glitter bomb and a camera in a package nabbed by a porch pirate. The resulting video went hugely viral, racking up 87 million views:

It spawned multiple sequels, including one involving fart spray and phone scammers.

And a cottage industry of porch pirate revenge videos was born. 

One Portland man filled an Amazon box with dog poop:


A California resident tried horns:


And police even got into the act, baiting packages to trap would-be porch pirates:

As amusing as these viral videos might be after the fact, booby-trapping your porch isn't the most practical solution for protecting package deliveries. When it comes to deterring porch pirates, don't get revenge—get CITIBIN.

Our ParcelBin and ParcelDrop keep your packages secure and out of sight, protecting your deliveries from thieves and bad weather until you're ready to retrieve them. 

Here's how they work:

Stop Porch Pirates With ParcelBin:


  • CITIBIN's package lock box
  • Available with a padlock or optional combination lock
  • Just give UPS, FedEx or USPS your combination to enable package delivery

Stop Porch Pirates With ParcelDrop:

  • CITIBIN's drop mailbox
  • No lock or codes needed—package delivery carriers simply open the door and place your packages inside
  • Drop mechanism ensures your packages are securely held until you're ready to retrieve them


Or check out our video that shows ParcelBin and ParcelDrop in action:

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