January 07, 2019 3 min read

When you put trash out, it’s easy to forget about it until it is picked up. While you don’t need to do much with your trash while it’s waiting to be hauled away, you do need to make sure that animals aren’t getting into it. Animals who get into the trash are going to start associating the area with a food source, and they are likely to keep returning time after time. Here are some top solutions to keep animals out of trash, noting the pros and cons of each.

Animals Are Everywhere


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need to live out in the middle of the woods to have problems with animals getting into your trash. If you do live deep in the forest, you may have to concern yourself with large animals like bears, cougars, and other predators being attracted by your garbage. In a big city, on the other hand, it’s more likely to be pests such as raccoons and rats. Whatever the case, there really isn’t anywhere you can live where putting your trash out unprotected is going to be a good option.

To get rid of this headache once and for all, consider some of the following solutions to keep animals out of trash that you keep outside.

Don’t Put It Out

One potential option is simply to keep your trash inside until pick up day. By keeping it inside the house, it isn’t going to be out in the open for animals to pick up the scent and come over to investigate.

  • Pro – Not likely to fail, as the trash will be inside the house
  • Pro – Save the time and hassle of taking the trash out regularly
  • Con – Trash building up in your house may not be the ideal solution, and it might start to smell
  • Con – You may not have a suitable spot in your home to hold the trash until it can be put out and taken away

Use Odor-Blocking Bags

Purchasing quality trash bags that are designed to contain odors successfully may help to keep animals off the scent. These kinds of bags may be a bit costlier than some of the other bags you can pick out at the store, but they offer important performance benefits.

  • Pro – You don’t have to do much different than you usually do, other than changing the bags you purchase
  • Pro – These bags might also help to contain odors while the trash is inside your house
  • Con – Not a foolproof solution. If some scent escapes the bag, or if animals already know where to look for trash, you may not be successful with this plan
  • Con– Not all of your trash may fit into the bag, so other items in the can could attract rodents or other animals

Use A Trash Enclosure

CITIBIN Trash Enclosures pictured

Perhaps the strongest option here is to use a durable trash enclosure that can be placed on your property and can hold your trash securely until it is due to be picked up and taken away. A high-quality enclosure can be had for a modest investment, and you’ll feel good about having a dedicated spot to place your trash each time another bag comes out of the house.

  • Pro – No need to leave unsightly bags piled up along the side of your home or out on the sidewalk
  • Pro – If you invest in a good container, this is something that provides many years of performance without much in the way of maintenance
  • Pro – If made with the right materials, this is an extremely secure solution to keep the animals out of your trash cans. You shouldn’t have to worry about your trash being raided any longer
  • Pro – Stay organized by always having a dedicated spot to drop your trash

CITIBIN Can Keep The Critters Out

If you would like to use a trash enclosure to keep animals away while beautifying your trash drop-off spot, the CITIBIN Trash Enclosure is a great option. This is a quality product with premium features like top and front doors, a fully enclosed powder-coated aluminum shell, and adjustable leveling feet. CITIBIN is made with a durable recycled bamboo composite siding and a fully enclosed powder-coated aluminum shell that will keep rats and other rodents out.

With impressive durability and a design specifically meant to keep rodents away, CITIBIN is a purchase you’ll be happy with for years to come.

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