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    By Popular Demand: Mailboxes

    Wouldn't it make sense for a mailbox and parcel box to be near each other?

    This client insight led us to develop mailboxes that work with our package delivery lockers. Today we are excited to announce the launch of mailboxes as an add-on module to CITIBIN's outdoor storage system, available for pre-order.

    Made of the same marine-grade aluminum as our other enclosures, the mailbox add-on module is designed with two side x side, lockable slots, making it ideal for multi-family dwellings.

    mailbox add-on parcelbin package delivery locker

    Integrated Outdoor Storage

    It's now possible to have one integrated outdoor system for recycling and trash management, package and mail delivery, stroller parking, and more. Tidy, effective, attractive, and totally space optimizing. Add a planter module for a touch of green and even more curb appeal! 

    trash enclosure parcel locker mailbox planters


    Shout-Out to Postal Workers

    At the time of this writing 4 days before the 2020 election, there have been 55 million mail-in votes and 30 million in-person votes. Which means the USPS has been working overtime to help ensure safe, accessible voting by mail. We thank postal workers for your essential service always, and this year in particular!

    usps mailman south slope brooklyn


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