October 20, 2023 4 min read

Boston Upgrades Composting Bins With Stylish Custom-Wrapped CITIBINs

Branded, Beautifully Wrapped Bins Look Great and Encourage Community Building Through Composting

20-second recap:Boston’s composting program got a stunning makeover thanks to custom-wrapped CITIBIN enclosures. Built to last for easy community use, CITIBIN created custom features for Boston's program. 

citibin composting before and after

Boston launches stylish new composting bins 

In early September, the City of Boston debuted eye-catching and easy to use new composting stations. CITIBIN custom-created a new size enclosure just for the program, along with developing a new easy lock system. 

Wrapped in Boston’s signature bright green compost branding, the bins look amazing, are easily recognizable, and built to last. 

The new composting stations aren’t just smart for combating food waste, they’re also a great way to help build community interaction. “Composting is a very familial activity,” said CITIBIN COO Frank Picarazzi. Boston’s new composting stations are set up at “spots that are public meeting places including libraries and parks.” Picarazzi explained that if you’re dedicated to public composting, it's important to give residents a nice place to go to compost, and use bins branded with your composting program.  

The new composting stations are beautiful and easy to use. They’re also conversation starters, so people can discuss their own approach to composting or simply spend time with like-minded individuals. Picarazzi said the new composting bins offer an attractive and easy way to recycle food waste. 

CITIBIN versioned flagship trash enclosure for Boston’s composting project 

citibin composting enclosure bin

CITIBIN prides itself on creating modular and easy to install trash enclosures, parcel drops, mail areas and sheds. But  there are times when we’re asked by clients to create a more customized system. 

In late 2022, CITIBIN was approached by Zero Waste Boston, the program dedicated to reducing, repairing, and reusing materials throughout Boston. One of their goals is community engagement, through publicizing of local composting ease and availability. Wrapping the composting bins in eye-catching designs and colors was a great way to publicize the project as well.

As part of the initiative, CITIBIN was presented with the welcome challenge of creating customized bins to support Boston’s Project Oscar, a 24-hour community composting program. Because the bins would be placed in public spaces, they had to look great and fit a specific footprint. Boston’s new composting bins also had to offer an effortless way to unlock the bins and then shut them again. “They requested two enhancements we’ve always thought about adding, a medium-sized bin, and a fully mechanical lock” Picarazzi said. CITIBIN designers and engineers went to work to create the added elements and it took a few months to perfect the prototype and then roll out the new bins. By spring 2023, Picarazzi said the client was happy with the design and locks. BY early fall the new bins were installed.

Boston’s composting bins measure 30” wide by  34 1/2" deep and 47” high. To put the new size into perspective, Picarazzi said “this medium-sized bin  is about 3” wider, 4” deeper and 5” taller than a regular standard CITIBIN.” The new composting and trash bin size will also be added to CITIBIN’s offerings.

Development, delivery, and positive feedback

citibin composting bin enclosure

The “vigorous” development and testing process for the new products took a bit of time. “We created new tooling, new panel sizing and more,” Picarazzi said.

Along with the new proportions, CITIBIN engineers worked on developing the new push button lock which Picarazzi said “looks and feels great.” And the client feels the same way. “They feel real ownership,” Picarazzi said of the customized bins in Boston. “This was a great client request and we installed last week. The early returns and feedback are great. They were very pleased with the composting bins,” Picarazzi said.

Like CITIBIN’s famous rat-proof enclosures in NYC, Boston’s new composting bins are also critter proof. Food waste goes in, animals stay out.

The City of Boston debuted new easy to use composting stations wrapped in their signature green branded design. For the Boston project, CITIBIN created a customized size along with an easy-to-use lock system.  

citibin composting bin enclosure

Sustainability and a green component

Picarazzi said when CITIBIN was approached to work on the project, they were shown images of Boston’s existing bins which were dilapidated. 

Like all CITIBIN products, the new composting stations are built to last. 

CITIBIN trash and recycling bins are all created with earth-friendly design components. All of our products are made with aluminum and a recycled bamboo composite, and other durable, green materials.

“I feel good about the composting program,” Picarazzi said. “I’m excited for other cities to launch their own composting programs as well, and CITIBIN looks forward to being part of those too.” 

The CITIBIN composting solution

citibin composting enclosure bin

Interested in CITIBIN for composting in your community? Contact us for an alternative to smelly, dilapidated compost bins. We’ll include a beautiful and photo realistic rendering with your quote to give you an idea of just how great your new composting bins will look. Did we mention that they’re rat-proof? We’d love to work with you to create a customized CITIBIN composting, trash or mail configuration to meet your requirements.

Call us at 347.549.4121

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