Trash Enclosures for Cities

CITIBIN made it in Times Square and can make it anywhere.

CITIBIN's first installation for New York City was in Times Square. With over 360,000 visitors per day, thousands of trash bags, and countless rats, CITIBIN was put to the test.  Result:  no more sidewalk trash, no more all-you-can-eat buffet for rats. 

Our trash enclosures have since been installed in 18 NYC Business Improvement Districts, Hoboken, and Philadelphia, with more cities on the way.  

The garbage enclosuresmake garbage storage and disposal so much easier for our porters, while combatting pest issues. Thank you, CITIBIN!

Laura — Property Manager

Our planters are available in any size you need. Whether tall hedge or a small box planter, CITIBIN has you covered.

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CITIBIN planters are custom-made and can be built to any size and specification, and are made from the same attractive, durable materials that our outdoor products are known for. The following table serves as an example of some of our more popular size options.

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