How to Keep Animals Out of Trash

When you put trash out, it’s easy to forget about it until it is picked up. While you don’t need to do much with your trash while it’s waiting to be hauled away, you do need to make sure that animals aren’t getting into it.

Animals who get into the trash are going to start associating the area with a food source, and they are likely to keep returning time after time. Here are some top solutions to keep animals out of trash, noting the pros and cons of each.

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Package Theft Statistics That May Surprise You

We all know that package theft is a problem. You probably know someone who has had a package taken from their porch after a delivery, and you may even be the victim of theft yourself. But do you realize just how big of problem this type of theft has become? Package theft has turned into big business for criminals, and consumers are turning to all kinds of different solutions to remedy the matter.

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