December 14, 2021 2 min read

Let's face it: Online shopping has become an essential part of modern life, and it's here to stay. Most of us have come to rely on package delivery to our homes for everything from basic household supplies to Apple's latest can't-live-without-it creation. And it doesn't take Tim Cook to recognize that the mailbox of yesterday—suitable only for letters—isn't enough.

The modern mailbox needs to accommodate packages to keep them safe from porch pirates. CITIBIN's package lock box ParcelBin and drop mailbox ParcelDrop are sturdy, spacious and stylish—and they'll hold your old-fashioned snail mail too. Here's why CITIBIN makes the perfect modern mailbox.

Meet ParcelBin:

Parcelbin package delivery box

  • CITIBIN's package lock box
  • Available with a padlock or optional combination lock
  • Just give UPS, FedEx or USPS your combination to enable package delivery

Meet ParcelDrop:

ParcelDrop drop mailbox

  • CITIBIN's drop mailbox
  • No lock or codes needed—package delivery carriers simply open the door and place your packages inside
  • Drop mechanism ensures your packages are securely held until you're ready to retrieve them
  1. CITIBIN's package delivery boxes are secure.

How many times have you waited around or raced home for a package delivery, only to get a "package delivered" email and discover a porch pirate got to your package before you did? ParcelDrop and ParcelBin keep your packages out of sight, deterring thieves and protecting your deliveries from rain and snow, so you can live life on your schedule—not your package carrier's. 

  1. CITIBIN's modern mailboxes are tough.

The foundation of every CITIBIN package locker is a power-coated, marine-grade aluminum shell, outfitted with stainless steel hardware that won't rust.

  1. CITIBIN's modern mailboxes are spacious.

Both ParcelBin and ParcelDrop are significantly larger than most parcel lockers and drop boxes on the market, yet they're compact enough to preserve plenty of porch space. They'll enable you to get what you need delivered worry-free. 

  1. CITIBIN's package delivery boxes look great.

When you're comparing modern mailbox ideas, looks are important. ParcelBin and ParcelDrop have a sleek design that will complement any architectural style. CITIBIN's package lock boxes look like beautiful pieces of premium outdoor furniture, not industrial-grade lockers.

  1. CITIBIN's package mailboxes are customizable.

Our modern mailboxes are modular and flexible—you can add accessories and additional units above and alongside ParcelBin and ParcelDrop to fit your needs and space. 

  • Our Mailbox can accommodate traditional mail like letters and magazines.
  • Our Storagebox allows you to store large goods out of sight. 
  • We can also add premium details like a built-in planter to contribute major porch appeal.

Parcelbin and ParcelDrop aren't just for packages—you can use them for storage, contactless delivery between neighbors and more.

  1. CITIBIN's package mailboxes are eco-friendly.

ParcelBin and ParcelDrop are cladded with bamboo-recycled plastic composite boards. Their durable aluminum shells are designed, constructed, and reinforced for long-term use. Our modern mailboxes are more sustainable, earth-friendly options than cheaper plastic or steel boxes that have to be replaced every few years.

Want to know more? Learn more about ParcelBin and ParcelDrop, or ask us a question!

Or check out our video that shows ParcelBin and ParcelDrop in action:


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