April 11, 2024 3 min read

Liz Picarazzi Makes Inc.’s 2024 Female Founders List

CITIBIN CEO & Founder chosen from Inc.’s most competitive applicant pool ever.

Liz Picarazzi with a CITIBIN trash enclosure in Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Liz Picarazzi with a CITIBIN enclosure in Brooklyn Heights Promenade

20-second recap: Every year, Inc. editors review thousands of nominations and applications to curate a list of the top female entrepreneurs. The list highlights incredible female founders solving some of the world’s biggest problems. Inc. editors say this was the most challenging year yet to choose. CITIBIN Founder and CEO Liz Picarazzi joins influential businesswomen, including previous A-List picks Rebecca Minkoff, Alli Webb, Jessica Alba, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Shonda Rhimes. 

Inc. Female Founders List welcomes Liz Picarazzi 

If you love the idea of supporting a woman-owned business, you’re in good company. 

Each year since 2018, the editors at Inc. have been compiling a list of the top female leaders and founders across the country—and this year, CITIBIN's Founder and CEO Liz Picarazzi was chosen for her work containerizing trash and banishing rats in New York City.  

After a decade of building her trash enclosures from the initial concept in her Brooklyn backyard to a working prototype to a sleek and chic product now in thousands of locations - including Times Square, Liz is thrilled to have been named to Inc.’s 2024 Female Founders 250 list. 

Compiling the list was not a simple task.

Liz with CITIBIN inventory at her Industry City warehouse space

 Liz with CITIBIN inventory at her Industry City warehouse space

A grueling process

Inc. editors review thousands of nominations and applications highlighting female founders across a multitude of industries. The list isn’t only based on financial success. It celebrates innovative female entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their communities and the world.  

Diana Ransom, Inc.'s Executive Editor, said this was the most challenging list to put together yet—even tougher than during the pandemic. 

“The past year, for many, will go down as one of the hardest ever—between a funding freeze and ad-spending pull back. The female founders on this year’s list are a testament to what triumph over adversity looks like,” Ransom said in a statement. 

We agree that Liz Picarazzi makes a perfect addition to the Inc. Female Founders list. 

Breaking new ground with every new product

As a serial entrepreneur and a woman in business, Liz has smashed countless glass ceilings and often had to sweep up the mess, which is part of what inspired CITIBIN in the first place. 

Liz bootstrapped CITIBIN and launched locally in her own neighborhood as a product initially available exclusively for residential use. But as the company grew, so did its reach. CITIBIN is now being used nationally in restaurants, public parks, and business improvement districts.

Liz realized that taking an ostensibly simple idea — creating a better way to containerize trash — and building a viable business around it, is much more complex than one might think. “When I started it was just an experiment. Now it’s a mission. It’s such an honor to be recognized alongside such inspiring female founders.”

In case you’re wondering just how prestigious the Inc. list is, previous honorees include Rebecca Minkoff, Alli Webb, Jessica Alba, Tracee Ellis Ross, Rihanna, and Shonda Rhimes. 

LizPicarazzi with a CITIBIN trash enclosure holding a trash bag in Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Not afraid to get her hands dirty: Liz with a CITIBIN in Brooklyn Heights Promenade

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CITIBIN creates stylish, eco-friendly products that don’t have to be replaced. Our trash enclosures repel rats and keep bears and other critters out of trash. CITIBINs can also be custom-wrapped with your choice of colors, logo, branding, or messaging.

She beat the statistics

Since its debut in 2018, the Female Founders list has become one of Inc.’s most celebrated franchises. And with so many incredible woman-owned businesses, joining the ranks is no simple task.

There are currently more than 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. (as opposed to only 402,000 in 1972), with women owning 4 out of every 10 companies. Only 2% break $1 million in revenue. Those owned by men are 3.5 times as likely to reach that million-dollar threshold.

Now imagine whittling down the list of contenders to 250 worthy women. It’s quite an achievement! 

CITIBIN congratulates Liz Picarazzi and all the Inc. Female Founders who grace this year’s list.

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