May 01, 2019 3 min read

Rats are not often welcome guests. The good news is that there are plenty of steps you can take to deter them. Here’s how to keep rats out of your house.

Eliminate Easy Entrances

The first thing to do is take away as many points of entry as possible. One common mistake is for homeowners to look at a small hole or crack and assume that a rat will not be able to squeeze through. In fact, rats are able to squeeze through rather small openings, so even something the size of a quarter or so may provide them easy entry.

Fill up potential openings with sturdy, durable materials that rats won’t be able to chew through. Even if you take no other action, simply taking this valuable step will go a long way to keep rats out of your house.

Consider The Immediate Surroundings

While trying to stop rats from getting into your home by filling up cracks and holes is a necessary step, it’s even better if there aren’t rats exploring the space around your home in the first place. To work toward that goal, evaluate your property immediately surrounding the home.

Are you creating a desirable environment for rats? They love places to hide such as piles of firewood or even vehicles that are not often used. While you might not be able to reasonably eliminate all potential hiding places around your home, it should be possible to take many of them away. Without a comfortable place to live near the house, it’s more likely that rats will simply move on to a more attractive spot.

Target Food Sources

citibin trash and recycling cabinet

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Rats are just like any other type of creature in that they need food to survive. If you take away food sources around your home, rats won’t have any reason to stay. While you might not think you regularly leave food available, think this one through carefully and act as necessary.

Do you have any plants in your garden which produce fruits or vegetables? Those can be attractive to rats. What about garbage cans that hold old food scraps and may not be completely secured? Working to remove all possible food sources around your house will go a long way toward avoiding rat problems down the line.

Exposed garbage is one of the primary food sources for rats and other rodents. Using a rat proof garbage enclosure can be a great way to cut off this food source so rats have no reason to stay.

Use Traps As Necessary

If you already have a rat problem, you can also consider the use of traps. Before you rush off to the store and pick up the first trap you find, think about your needs so you can shop wisely. For instance, if you have kids or pets around the house, you’ll want to choose traps that are safe for them. You can find a number of humane rat traps available.

Get Professional Help

Depending on the severity of your rat problem, the best option on the table may be to bring in an animal control professional. A professional will have access to equipment that the average homeowner will not. They will also have knowledge that can be extremely helpful when trying to wipe out this problem once and for all.

#PizzaRat vs CITIBIN Experiment

To prove the impregnability of CITIBIN, we baited one of our enclosures in a rat-infested alley with a double sausage pizza. Then we recorded the experiment with surveillance cameras. The rats were kept out. You can see the results of our "#PizzaRat versus CITIBIN" experiment in this entertaining video!

Consider A CITIBIN Trash Enclosure

One great step you can take outside your home to discourage rats is to invest in a quality trash can enclosure. At CITIBIN, our durable trash enclosures are made with bamboo composite siding, marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware that rats can’t penetrate. Keep your garbage protected from rats so they won’t have a free meal waiting for them when they wander by your house.

In addition to helping ward off rats, a visually appealing CITIBIN trash enclosure can help keep the exterior of your home neat and tidy until trash day rolls around. Order yours today!


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