November 28, 2018 4 min read

Garbage cans are necessary. Having to see and smell nasty garbage isn’t. Collecting your garbage in a single location is beneficial for a number of reasons, including the cleanliness of your home or business and the ease of disposal. With that said, garbage cans aren’t exactly pretty. Most people would rather have their cans out of sight, where they can serve their purpose without taking away from the visual appeal of the property. In this post, we’ll share some tips and ideas on how to hide garbage cans outside.

Consider These Tips

Before we get into some great solutions for hiding your bins, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind:

Think About Function

Before you get into the task of trying to hide a trash can outside, you need to remember that the cans still need to be easy to access and use on a regular basis. You’ll still have to drop garbage off in the can frequently, and it will need to be easily available for garbage pickup each week. If the way you decide to hide your trash can is too intrusive, you may turn the process into a bigger chore than it already is. It’s a great idea to place your bin in a discreet location, but there’s no need to create a headache for yourself in the process.

May Be Necessary For Compliance

If you live somewhere with an HOA or other community organization that oversees the condition and appearance of your property, you might be required to keep your cans out of sight. This is not a requirement in all neighborhoods, but it might be worth checking the rules in your association to see what you are expected to do. Should it be the case that you do need to hide garbage cans, finding a solution quickly will help you to avoid fines and other trouble.

Look For A Long-Lasting Solution

You certainly have better things to do than constantly deal with the way your garbage cans are being concealed. With that in mind, you’ll want to come up with an answer to this problem that isn’t going to require you to attend to it frequently. For instance, if you purchase some kind of container to hide your can when it is not due to be picked up, make sure you buy a quality product that can stand up to the elements all year long with little to no maintenance—and for many years to come.

Top Ideas

Now that we have a basic foundation for why hiding trash might be important and what to consider, here are some top ideas to hide outdoor trash cans: 

Use Creative Landscaping

One of the best ways to hide trash cans is simply to use nature to your advantage. By strategically positioning things like shrubs, bushes, and small trees, you can block the view of your cans from the street while still keeping them accessible. It would be great to use this idea right from the start when first landscaping your property, but you should be able to employ this tactic retrospectively with a bit of creative thinking.

Enclosures Are Gaining Popularity

A trash enclosure is essentially an enclosed box (with access panels) to store your garbage cans inside. They’re quickly becoming popular, especially in urban areas where other options to hide trash may not be possible. Trash can enclosures take on many forms and are made from many different materials. If you decide to go in this direction, you’ll want to first ensure the size is right fit for your needs. Modular options are a great way to store multiple bins or separate trash and recycling as well. For longevity’s sake, you’ll also want to ensure the enclosure is made with quality materials like rust-proof hardware and other outdoor deck-grade components.

Screens Are An Option

Screens offer a simple solution to hide your garbage bins. Materials like wicker and wood can help the screen to blend in with the outdoor environment. But screens may not be possible in some areas, like urban streets. They may also be a struggle, as they can be moved in the wind and leave your trash susceptible to issues like weather and rodents.

Garden Camouflage

One way to beautify your garbage is to incorporate a planter full of fresh flowers or other plants. This option is usually used in combination with an enclosure that can offer support to the planter above the bin. It’s a great way to improve the look of the space, completely transforming the garbage.

Closing Thoughts

Rather than forcing a cookie-cutter solution onto your property, take the time to make a plan that is going to be a good fit for the long haul. It may take a bit of time to settle on how to best conceal your garbage cans, but there is a solution waiting out there to be discovered. There is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from the plans that others have put in place, but it’s essential to make sure your final plan works for your needs above all else.

CITIBIN Makes Hiding Garbage Easy & Beautiful

A high-quality, attractive, and affordable trash can enclosure is a great solution to hide and protect your trash outside. CITIBIN is a leading provider in this space, offering ready-to-assemble and custom enclosures with multiple sizing options and modular designs.

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