November 03, 2021 2 min read

They say there are eight million stories in New York City. As for rats ... not too many of us want to think about it. If you've spent any time in the big city you've probably seen them scuttering around dumpsters and other places where trash piles up. You're not a real New Yorker until you've lifted the flimsy lid of a cheap plastic trash can to see a pair of beady eyes staring back at you.

How to keep rats out and away from trash is a constant challenge for building owners and property managers. That's what led us to develop CITIBIN trash enclosures, which are a strong, stylish way to stow your trash out of sight—and out of reach of rats, mice, raccoons and any other scavengers who never met a trash bag they could refuse.

But don't take our word for it; there's video! We put a CITIBIN trash enclosure to the test, with the help of a night-vision camera, some New York City pizza, and a gang of very hungry rats. 


CITIBIN's trash enclosures—constructed of tough aluminum and designed to be free of spaces and gaps—can keep rats and mice out of trash bins. Even the most determined Pizza Rats.


One rat-infested alley

One double-sausage pizza

One CITIBIN trash enclosure

Surveillance cameras


  1. We placed a CITIBIN trash enclosure inside a crowded New York City alley full of trash—a.k.a. Grand Central for rats.
  1. Then we put a piping hot double-sausage pizza inside the CITIBIN and stashed a video camera nearby. Soon enough, the delicious scent had attracted a crowd of furry fiends—who tried for hours to drag away a scrap of that cheesy goodness (and perhaps a bit of viral fame).
  1. Here's what the rats couldn't know: CITIBIN trash enclosures are:
  • Constructed of 10-gauge aluminum, carefully bent and welded so there are no gaps
  • Clad with stylish and strong recycled bamboo composite panels
  • Secured by lids with sturdy stainless steel latches
  1. Sniff, pry and scrabble as they might, even the hardiest, wiliest street rat was unable to breach the CITIBIN.

Check out our video of how it all went down:


Strong, beautiful, and modular,CITIBIN trash enclosures are a stylish, customizable way to keep your trash safe from furry scavengers.

AndCITIBIN parcel lockers will keep your packages safe from two-legged predators—protecting your online purchases and special deliveries from porch pirates.

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