May 20, 2024 2 min read

CITIBIN Introduces New Trash Enclosure Size: The Medium

Have 45-55 gallon trash cans? Get ready to meet your happy medium.

15-second recap: CITIBIN has designed and manufactured a trash enclosure for 45-55 gallon wheelie bins, simply named "The Medium." Recognizing that there are 3 sizes of trash cans, CITIBIN now has 3 sizes of enclosures:  Small (for 44 gallon cans), Medium (for 45-55 gallon wheelie bins), and Large (for 65-96 gallon wheelie bins). The Medium is available at just the right time, as New York City has specified a 45-gallon wheelie bin for residents to buy by 2026. 

An idea years in the making

Customers have asked for a medium-sized CITIBIN option for years. “We considered making a medium size for several years to fulfill the needs of customers who had 45-55 gallon cans,” said Liz Picarazzi, CITIBIN Founder and CEO. “Up until now, we had an enclosure size for 44-gallon Brute cans (where we started) and one for 65-96-gallon wheelie bins.”

And then the NYC Department of Sanitation announced new trash containerization rules for residential garbage.  

You asked for it, and you got it. CITIBIN now has medium-sized trash enclosures. This convenient size fits 45-55 gallon wheelie bins and was created with homeowners and property managers in mind. Medium CITIBINs fit NYC’s newly specified 45-gallon residential wheelie bins, which will be required in 2026.





In October 2023, NYC Mayor Eric Adams and Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch outlined a plan for the containerization of all residential trash by 2026. As part of the rollout, homeowners will have to purchase specific city-designated wheelie bins that work with side-loading sanitation trucks.

“Since most New Yorkers will need to buy the 45-gallon wheelie bin manufactured by OTTO to fulfill the new requirements, it became clear we needed to create a medium-size CITIBIN,” Picarazzi said.

What you need to know about CITIBIN’s new Medium-size trash enclosure

  • Size matters. CITIBIN’s new enclosure menu allows customers to select the enclosure that works for their cans regardless of where they live.
  • An intuitive menu. We’re really excited to debut our new menu and renamed sizes. Our new Small-Medium-Large menu is both intuitive and inclusive of customer needs. Simply match your can size with the enclosure size that best suits your needs.
  • A modular approach. CITIBIN enclosures are prefabricated and ready-to-assemble, so if you have 3 NYC wheelie bins, we advise getting 3 Medium modules. If you want more later, we can simply attach another module.

Retrofitting: Please note that if you already have a small CITIBIN, we are currently in the process of manufacturing a retrofit to convert it into a medium-size enclosure. Please be in touch if you need help retrofitting existing CITIBIN enclosures.

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