November 30, 2020 2 min read

We just made it easier for carriers to deliver

Online ordering is easy. Delivery, not so much. ParcelBin package delivery lockers are now available with KitLock by CodeLocks, a digital keypad lock that makes it easy for carriers to deliver packages.

parcelbin package delivery locker

With the increase in online purchasing during the pandemic, our UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Amazon delivery people are busier than ever. From field testing and client feedback, we know that carriers do not like friction at the point of delivery.

Nor do homeowners like friction at the point of retrieval. We want that Etsy purchase to be just as easy to retrieve as it was to purchase.

The search for a solution

With these insights, we set out to find a digital lock that makes it easy to deliver and retrieve packages. The search led us to CodeLocks and their KitLock 1200. With its modern silver grey finish, stainless steel buttons, lock/unlocked indicator light, and audible key pad, KitLock is a convenient and stylish alternative to a combination padlock. 

Our favorite function? The audible key pad. 

How does KitLock work?

As with a combination padlock, you need to provide carriers with the combination to safely delivery packages into your ParcelBin. This can easily be done online with UPS, USPS, FedEx, and Amazon. Carriers are passed the combination on their handheld devices at the point of delivery. Make sure to display the Carrier & Delivery signs that come with ParcelBins in a visible area.

carrier delivery signs

The KL1200 operates on ParcelBin through Codelocks’ Private Function. Through this function, a 4-digit code is programmed into the lock. The PARCELBIN will then remain locked until that specific code is entered, either by the user or a delivery person. The lock remains open for a few seconds and then will relock.

Analog or Digital? The choice is yours.

Until now, padlocks have been the only way to lock ParcelBin package delivery lockers. With the addition of KitLock as an upgrade option, customers can now choose between analog or digital locks. ParcelBins pre-installed with KitLock can be ordered online. Or give us a call and we can talk you through the options!



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