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What makes CITIBIN trash enclosures better?


We've spent years thinking about trash and designing an enclosure to conceal it.

Why make such a big deal about trash storage? Because trash can be unpleasant to schlep and store and the enclosures on the market lack obvious features like rust-proof hardware and adjustable feet.


Key Benefits of Owning a CITIBIN

Why spend so much on trash? Well, there's actually a lot to gain.


Curb Appeal

CITIBIN instantly improves the appearance of your home by hiding unsightly trash bins, which in this real estate market, could increase your property value.



 Lockable to keep out foragers and dog doodie bags.


Return on Investment

Every element of CITIBIN was chosen for its durability — long-lasting bamboo composite siding that is typically used in decking, a marine-grade aluminum enclosure and stainless steel hardware that won't rust. That's why it has a 5-year warranty.


Rodent Control

While CITIBIN can't eradicate an existing rodent problem, it can keep rodents out of your trash — their food source — so they'll give up and move on to their next victim.


Reduces sanitation violations

Sort trash, recyclables and compost separately and reduce sanitation violations.


Landmark Approved

If you live in an area that requires Landmark Commission or HOA approval, CITIBIN will fly through the approval process. Just ask us for drawings.

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Which CITIBIN is right for you?

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How does CITIBIN stack up against the competition?



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Award-winning design

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   Durable, outdoor deck-grade materials

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5-yr warranty

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Stylish color choices

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Trade discounts

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Built-in planter option

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White-glove assembly service available

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Certified woman-owned business (100%)

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Custom and prefab options available

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Landmark and HOA-approved

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What you should know about CITIBIN


What are CITIBIN trash enclosures made of?

The panels and doors are aluminum, which doesn’t warp like pressure-treated lumber. The siding/panels are made of a bamboo composite, available in 3 neutral colors. All the components – framing, siding, hinges, screws, latches, and feet – were selected because they can endure harsh weather. The CITIBIN is so durable, in fact, that we offer a 5-year warranty.

What are the dimensions of the CITIBIN trash enclosure?

It depends on how many cans you are enclosing. CITIBIN is modular, so you can have a 1-module that encloses one can, a 6-module that encloses six cans, and configurations in between. CITIBIN has two size options: one "standard" module fits one 44-gallon can; one "XL" module fits one 65-gallon commercial can.

For example, the standard 2-module CITIBIN is 54.5 inches wide, 29.5 inches deep, 41 inches high (and with optional planter, 42 inches high), and encloses two 44-gallon cans. The XL 2-module CITIBIN kit is 58 inches wide, 36 inches deep, 51 inches high, and encloses two 65-gallon cans. Measurements for all configurations are available in the online store.

Need a different size? No problem, we can customize CITIBIN to your space. Click the button below to contact us and let us know what you have in mind.

How much does a CITIBIN kit cost? 

CITIBIN kits start at $1500 for a 1-module enclosure. Delivery and installation in the NYC area starts at $300. Shipping and handling of flat-packed kits are free in the continental USA, and internationally are priced by destination.

Which cans work best?

For the standard-sized kit, the dimensions are standardized to 44-gallon Brute round cans, or 30-gallon Roughneck rectangular cans. The XL kit is standardized to the 65-gallon Rubbermaid, or 64-gallon Toter commercial cans.

Can I DIY assemble my CITIBIN?

Yes. We designed the CITIBIN kit to be easy to assemble, a la IKEA. All you need is the instruction manual, allen key, Phillips screwdriver, and a helper. A video tutorial will be available shortly, as well.

Can you install CITIBIN for me?

Yes...if you are in New York City, where we provide delivery and installation services. If you need to dispose of an existing enclosure, we can do that too.

Should I go with the prefabricated kit or custom?

The prefab kits are modular and available for different-sized cans, so if you fit into a prefab, that's usually the best way in terms of cost and timing. For constrained and irregular spaces, we are happy to offer custom enclosures built to size.

What are the differences between prefab and custom?

  • Prefab has slanted top doors made of aluminum
  • Custom has flat top doors that are framed in aluminum and clad with bamboo
  • Prefab is entirely enclosed with bent sheet metal aluminum; custom is framed in aluminum extruded tubes (if rats are an issue, the prefab is strongly recommended)
  • Custom can be built to exactly fit your available space and cans
  • Prefab has a 1-2 week lead time; custom is 4-6 weeks
  • Custom cost 25% more than their closest equivalent prefab kit size. For example, a 4-can prefab kit is $5550; a custom 4-can is $6937.

Does CITIBIN require much maintenance?

No! Unlike wood that needs to be cleaned and sealed regularly, the CitiBin is very low maintenance. All that’s needed is a bit of standard cleaning. The bamboo siding will not warp, crack, or rust like wood, plastic, or metal enclosures.

Why do CITIBINs have 2 doors?

To make dealing with trash as easy as possible! The top doors allow users to throw garbage and recyclables in the cans on a daily basis; the front doors open so you can drag the cans to the curb on trash pick-up days.

Are there other siding options?

We also offer a Richlite option, a super dense composite of recycled paper and resin, for clients who prefer a more modern look.

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There's a CITIBIN for everyone.