Introducing the PARCELBIN package delivery locker

 Porch pirates have their sights on your stuff.

Porch pirates have their sights on your stuff.

Worried Your Packages Aren't Safe?

Worry no more with PARCELBIN

Created for those of us who order a lot of goods online, PARCELBIN is a secure, lockable package delivery box that prevents “porch pirates” and bad weather from harming your deliveries while enhancing curb appeal.

Online shopping is easy. Shipping and delivery? Not as much

Consumers are increasingly shopping online for its convenience, selection, and prices. But online shopping isn’t so easy when you consider the challenges of shipping and delivery.

26 million Americans have had a holiday package stolen from their porch. Over 100 million Americans are members of Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, getting packages delivered is an experience that's less than prime.

How Does It Work?

The door handle has a hasp for the padlock of your choice. It's easy to share the lock combination with carriers. Simply log in to your Amazon, UPS, and FedEx profiles, enter the delivery box location and lock combination. When the driver approaches your house, the combination will pop up on their handheld device, and they can safely leave packages in your PARCELBIN.

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Lockable with most analog- or smart-locks

ParcelBin comes with a pad-lockable handle, so you can use the padlock of your choice. Some clients choose not to use a lock; for them PARCELBIN is deterrent enough.

In 2019, we will work to integrate smart locks such as August or Amazon Key.

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PARCELBIN is the safe and convenient solution for online shoppers.