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    Portland, OR Garbage Pickup Schedule & Rules

    As is the case with every big city, Portland, OR has to work hard to keep up with the waste generated by its residents. With this post, we’d like to highlight some of the basics related to sanitation in Portland. If you’ve just moved into the city, we hope this info will help you get on the right track. Here’s your guide to Portland garbage pickup schedules and trash regulations.

    CITIBIN does NOT provide trash pickup services. We do offer high quality, durable, and visually appealing trash enclosures to keep your trash hidden and secure.

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    Find Your Garbage Pickup Day

    To have your garbage successfully picked up and hauled away each week, you need to know which day it is due to be put out by the curb. In Portland, garbage pickup day varies based on where in the city you live. Tracking down this piece of information should be one of your first orders of business when you get moved in.

    Luckily, the city makes it fairly easy. To determine your pickup day, and to request reminders for your collection, simply visit this page and enter your address.

    It’s worth noting that standard pickup in Portland is on an every-other-week basis. With that said, you can customize your pickup plan to meet your needs, so you’ll want to work directly with the company handling your collections to establish a service level that works for you.

    Portland Trash Put Out Rules

    Putting your trash out in accordance with local rules is the best way to stay out of trouble and make sure that everything is picked up as expected on your collection day. Fortunately, the rules are pretty straightforward. We’ve included some highlights below:

    • Put out time.On your pickup day, trash containers need to be out at the curb by 6:00 am.
    • Bring your containers back.Once the trash has been collected, be sure to put the containers away by the next morning.
    • Hazardous waste.Hazardous waste is not allowed to be disposed of within a standard trash container. Here is some info from the city regarding hazardous waste disposal.
    • Packing your container.The container should not be overpacked, and the trash inside should fall out easily when the container is turned over.
    • Bagging your garbage.Some items should be bagged before they are placed in your trash container. Visit this page for more information.

    Trash Pickup Holidays 2019

    Most days of the year, your trash will be picked up in Portland as scheduled. However, there are two days during the year during which collection will be delayed:

    • Christmas –12/25
    • New Year’s Day –1/1

    On December 25th and January 1st, there will be no trash pickup in the city of Portland. During those weeks, trash collection will be pushed back by a single day. With Christmas falling on a Wednesday in 2019, for example, those who normally have pickup on Wednesday will be pushed to Thursday, and normal Thursday collections will be moved to Friday.

    Missed Garbage Pickup

    Although rare, it is possible that your pickup will be missed from time to time. Should that happen to you, the first thing to do is to make sure you met all of the requirements for pickup. Was your container put out by the designated time and in the right place? If so, you can contact Waste Management to report the mistake. Be sure to report the missed pickup as quickly as possible so the containers can be emptied within the next day or so.

    Obey Weight Limits

    One other point to consider while preparing your trash to go out to the curb is the weight limit for your container. It is important to obey the weight limit that is placed on your pickup. That limit will be assigned based on the size of your trash container. Please use the chart on this page to make sure you are staying within the limits. If you find that you frequently need to go beyond this weight limit, it would be smart to move up to a larger container.

    From time to time, you may have a missed collection on your usual day. This doesn’t happen often, but you can file a complaint when it does occur. This is another task that you can handle easily by using the DSNY Info app. Of course, before you file a complaint, take a moment to think through the situation and make sure you did everything properly.

    Was the trash put out in time? Was it placed at the curb? If you determine that a complaint is necessary in your situation, you should receive a response from the Department of Sanitation within a day or two.

    Consider A Trash Enclosure

    You should now have the information and resources you need to handle your trash collection responsibilities without any trouble. Along with having the right information, you’ll also want to have the right equipment. The CITIBIN trash enclosure can keep your garbage beautifully out of sight while protecting it from weather and critters until it is picked up each week.

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