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    NYC Sanitation & Garbage Pickup Schedule

    In a city with as many people as New York City, the logistics can be a challenge. One of the keys to keeping the city healthy and comfortable for its residents is a reliable sanitation and garbage service. You don’t need to be an industry expert to imagine just how much trash is produced each day by the millions of people who live in NYC. If you happen to call the city home, it’s important to understand how garbage pickup works and what rules you need to follow. Here’s your guide to NYC sanitation, garbage pickup schedules, and trash regulations.

    CITIBIN does NOT provide trash pickup services. We do offer high quality, durable, and visually appealing trash enclosures to keep your trash hidden and secure.

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    In this guide, we'll cover:

    • Garage pickup day
    • The DSNY Info app
    • Rules for putting out trash
    • Large item collection rules
    • Trash pickup holiday breaks
    • Missed pickup complaints

    Consider A Trash Enclosure & Make Trash Easy

    To setup a secure and convenient place for your trash to wait until pickup day arrives, consider a CITIBIN trash enclosure. This enclosure looks attractive down at street level, and it can help to keep critters out of your trash until it is hauled away.


    Find Your Garbage Pickup Day

    The first step to successful garbage pickup in New York City is to understand which day of the week your garbage will be hauled away. The schedule is designed based on your address, so you will simply need to input your address to learn which day you are assigned.

    The City of New York’s official site makes it easy. Simply follow this link and enter your address to get the NYC sanitation information you need. This will tell your trash pickup days, recycling pickup days and organics pickup days (if available). If you would prefer the simplicity of using an app to find out about your pickups, you can down the DSNY Info app

    NYC Trash Put Out Rules

    Organize your trash and make life easier for yourself with a standard enclosure.

    No matter which day of the week your garbage pickup schedule falls on, you will need to place your garbage out on the curb sometime after 4 PM the previous day. Putting out your trash between 4 PM and midnight will ensure that it is ready to go when the truck comes along on your pickup day. Those who have pickup before 4 PM are asked to get the bins taken in by 9 PM on the same day.

    It is important that you remove your bins from the curb in a timely manner once the trash has been collected. In the case of pickup after 4 PM, you are allowed until 9 AM the next morning to get the bins put away.

    Need a great way to store your trash and recycling while enhancing curb appeal and keeping it protected from rodents and other sifters? Try a CITIBIN trash enclosure.

    Dealing with the Big Stuff

    From time to time, you may need to dispose of items that are larger than what will fit in your bin. When that’s the case, it’s up to you to request a pickup appointment with the NYC Sanitation Department to have those big items taken away.

    If something ticketed for the trash is larger than 4’ x 3’, it is going to need a pickup appointment. A few key points to keep in mind are that these pickups take place Monday through Saturday, you have to leave the items out on the curb, and you can schedule as far out as four weeks in advance.

    Before you make an appointment, be sure that your large item or items cannot be recycled. If the items you would like to dispose of can be recycled instead of trashed, you don’t need to make a special appointment for pickup. Instead, you can just put the items out along with your normal recycling, on the regularly scheduled day.

    Trash Pickup Holiday Breaks 2019

    On most days throughout the year, there will be garbage pickup service in New York City. However, the city does recognize several holidays, on which there will be no collections. In addition to the obvious ones like New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, other holidays without collections include:

    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - 1/21/2019
    • President’s Day - 2/18/2019
    • Memorial Day - 5/27/2019
    • Independence Day - 7/4/2019
    • Labor Day - 9/2/2019
    • Columbus Day - 10/14/2019
    • Veterans Day - 11/11/2019
    • Christmas - 12/25/2019

    If your normal collection day happens to land on one of these holidays, you will simply put out your trash one day later than normal. Do note that your normal collection time may be altered as a result of the schedule change for the holiday.

    Missed Sanitation Pickups

    From time to time, you may have a missed collection on your usual day. This doesn’t happen often, but you can file a complaint when it does occur. This is another task that you can handle easily by using the DSNY Info app. Of course, before you file a complaint, take a moment to think through the situation and make sure you did everything properly.

    Was the trash put out in time? Was it placed at the curb? If you determine that a complaint is necessary in your situation, you should receive a response from the Department of Sanitation within a day or two.

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